Weekly poll results: people say they want small phones, but that is not apparent in sales numbers

14 February 2021
Sales data for the iPhone 12 mini, perhaps the only proper mini flagship on the market right now, is not encouraging. 

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I was always a fan of small(compact)phones,but once you get your hands on a big and good quality AmoLed display,you wont go backwards.

  • Anonymous

Never liked small phones, they simply always were uncomfortable to use with my hands. Especially when touch screens became a thing, typing on a small (smaller than 6") display was a nightmare. SwiftKey or any other good on-screen keyboard just can't replace the comfort of a bigger screen while typing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021Why would anyone what small phones??? They want to s... moreThat bit is true. People would rather have slight discomforts in their pockets and enjoy the benefits of more screen area (easier on the eyes) and definitively larger batteries.

  • pan

i believe it is not too late for manufacturers to make one...
at least make a "usable" one...
no need for flagship compact anymore like the xperia compacts way back then (still using xz2 compact, and z1 compact from time to time)...
that is because, even the "weakest" soc can do the job, some can even handle games (sub 200usd phones can)... and for intensive games, you cannot enjoy it on small screen anyway...
i think 5ii is already at an optimal size, considering it is great for gaming, imaging and media consumption...
but since i am more of the last one, i chose 1ii over 5ii...
this is just an "elongated" z3 that i used for media consumption before getting a 4k display phone...

They just don't know to make a proper small phone. Whatever companies make, either it's too expensive or not really compact or very basic and not even usable. Even if there is a compact phone that gets it right somehow, it is limited to only certain regions. So for many reasons, compact phone sales don't take off, and then it is concluded that there's no demand

  • Anonymous

wongwatt, 14 Feb 2021On screen keyboards favour larger displays. The smaller th... moreNo problem with typing on my 4.5" phone previously.

  • nikola

last reasonably sized phone was blackberry z10. nothing bigger is required.

On screen keyboards favour larger displays.
The smaller the display area the smaller the key contact area and visible information when the keyboard is in use.
People clamouring for smaller displays would rapidly realise that they are massively compromised when directly compared to a larger device.
It's mostly nostalgia.

  • Bruh

Problem is small size phones have extra premium price that an average user will not pay, they see a bigger phone with less price that's what they buy

thick smartphone is no problem for me as long the battery can fit as big as possible than long and flat body.

  • Anonymous

People like me need smaller phones 📱 but not costly unworthy Apple, small but not very small like Apple mini, small will better battery not like iphone SE 2020. If thickness is increased a bit to increase battery capacity that much trade off is indeed okay. Phones like Apple mini and Pixel are very costly at least in my country India, there better options in that price. Hence people look for better options in same price range.

  • Anonymous

the problem with ip12 mini for me is not the size but the battery itself.. if only they could give it same size with ip12 or 3k Mah battery then i h
will definitely consider it..

People want mini phones that don't compromise on battery life. So far that hasn't been achieved by anyone. Perhaps other than the Sony Xperia line of old.

We still like small phones but with great battery. Not excuses

  • Anonymous

The reason is easy: there are 1000 types of large phones, while there are only 1-2 ultra-expensive small phones on the market. At this time, any article on this matter is just stupid.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 14 Feb 2021Not apparent in sales number? What to expect since the vast... moreI think iPhones sales would be representative of Android sales as well. If only 6% of iPhones buyers want a small iPhone, expect the same number of Android buyers who want to buy a small Android phone. Frankly, no one I know wants a small phone. Most want a phone with at least a 6 inch display.

  • Anonymous

There's always an extremely vocal minority. There are like Chihuahuas. Very small but very noisy. But they themselves and sometimes other people make the mistake of thinking there's more of them than there actually are.

Not apparent in sales number? What to expect since the vast majority prefers Android instead of iOS. Wait until this trend coming to Android, and we can definitely a sales pitch spike.

  • Anonymous

Strawhat, 14 Feb 2021It is only 1% want smaller phone like 12 mini. Rip battery ... moreNot only gaming. I don't game at all on my phones, still I do not like small size displays. You need to zoom all the time you need to read something, or look at an article (no matter how good quality the display is). Not to mention, watching YouTube videos or movies.
A display at around 6" is more than enough for compact size, but in the same time represents a good solution for everything you need to do on your phone.
And yes, I had both a 4.7" display phones as well as 6.53" display ones and everything else in between. 6" display is the sweet spot for me.
Sadly, only Apple and Samsung makes good quality phones at this display sizes. All the Chinese manufacturers are stuck at 6.53"-6.8" sizes, lol. Probably to cut costs, they just use the same panels over and over again for different models.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021People wanting small phones is like the constant scream of ... moreEver thought they are struggling because their phones are trash? Just software isn’t everything if it runs underpowered chipset with crappy slow storage and inflated price because they think they are special or something.