Different version of Asus ROG Phone 5 at TENAA: screen replaces the Tencent logo on the back

11 February 2021
Honor unveiled its first gaming laptop, the Hunter V700, last year, but that brand is no longer a part of Huawei.

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  • Justyow

Why do u need a secondary screen at the back if you use your phone most of the time lol. This is just a hype but it's useless imo. Hope ASUS could come up to an upgraded design for ROG 5 before finally releasing it in the market.

  • Anonymous

agug, 12 Feb 2021full hd piece of crap for 4 years straightI'd rather it be FHD. QHD just waste battery powering more pixels than your eyes can even see. My mate 20x with 7.2" screen is only FHD and it looks fine.

  • Meddy

Calling it NOW. That toy screen on the back will be a useless POS. Should have left the RGB ROG logo where it was.

People in the comments are hating this phone so much, yes, there is not much diffrence from last year, it's a gaming phone, it's a niche thing, this is exactly what makes it unique and special from other companies, such as apple and samsung, the aesthetic definitely compensates for itself. for a flagship phone, the ROG series has been cheap, in terms of price, in comparison with apple and samsung, this can make up for it a little. On that note, all expensive phones are unpractical. any phone above 800 or 900 dollars is super unpractical. this phone was meant for raw power, not features and the typical 'high-end' features. such as wireless charging and no headphone jack, this also compensates with it's rog ecosystem, the accessories. so please, shut up.

  • agug

full hd piece of crap for 4 years straight

  • Anies

Put it 8000mah batt....that change the game.

  • Gray

This is a gaming phone
Imagine the second screen is a fully customizable rgb light. Without colors

  • Anonymous

This is just unnecessary

  • optional

lol. Asus just made it worst.

  • Anonymous

Coming from ROG 1 or ROG2, this looks like a great upgrade, i wonder what surprises will be

  • JustYourRandomGuy

I am a huge fan of the ROG Phone series ever since its inception. Having own the ROG Phone 2, I am really not sure if the second screen at the back would bring any practical usefulness. maybe if it can be utilized for gameplay, maybe giving an additional button or something like the Air Triggers then perhaps it can be useful

  • neo

asus is clearly out of ideas.

This model looks worst than last years model. I don't see any need to upgrade to this version from last years.