Nokia Lumia 920 sample images found to be fake as well

06 September, 2012
Turns out the still images have also been faked. Now updated with more photo evidence and real samples.

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  • AnonD-69442

i guess whole lumia series is fake... nokia cought up in the act of lying... what nokia is this ur strategy?? haha so poor.. no one z gonna believe u next time wen u launch ur new flagships... u deserve to be on down u cant climb up in the level of samsung galaxy or apple iphones...

  • AnonD-70004

AnonD-49463, 06 Sep 2012I love nokia and think these two handsets are revolutionary....w... morebuddy nobody will talk about it because, doesnt matters if you donated billions of dollars in charity but if you commit crime you go to J A I L . all the good goes to waste . in nokias case out of the window

  • Pipasu

I like nokia smartphone .

  • AnonD-26870

So afterall the whole Pureview technology behind Lumia 920 is faking some adverts. At this rate we're gonna see soon enough that Lumia 920 takes better pictures than even their own Pureview 808 with way bigger sensor and 41MP inside.

Else, nothing new. Nokia funboys will say even in front of some concrete proofs that GSMArena faked the whole thing because he likes Apple too much(ZTE, Meizu ...bla,bla bla)and will buy the phone even If they have to be chained by a Nokia retailer store in the launch day.

  • Anonymous

nokia used a prototype of pureview camera... That's what they said... They didnt use the lumia 920 but a pureview prototype... Infact they never said it was a lumia

  • AnonD-49463

I love nokia and think these two handsets are revolutionary....what i dont understand is how they are getting into such needless negative of the biggest event for them in their entire history and they goof it up...arghhh
instead of getting people to talk about their display, touch response, design....all attention is going to wrong point....

  • Marco

[deleted post]hahahah! You're just so funny right now.

Listen, not even fairly descent compact in the price range of top model phones can take photos like that.

How did the colors get that warm, and the wonderful grass cam out of the dark, by LED-flash!? HAH!

  • defender

im not biased but what i think on the second image( the woman on the tree) is just to let show to us what will the image will be result using the camera of the lumia 920

  • alexanderthegreat

only two words:EPIC FAIL...

  • Nextup

Wow... Good

  • alexanderthegreat

only two words:EPIC FAIL...

  • AnonD-27428

That is a shame.. Get a life, Microsoft and Nokia

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol, clearly fake, a professional camera used in day and night and telling compare!! Lol Nokia will soonly die

  • Nothin

Oh my Nokia.. I was just starting to build trust in you again.. What the hell?

  • Anonymous

Second time of fakes, lol Shame on you Nokia I won't buy a lumia even for free

I guess later this week they will say that the whole phone is fake! Lol

  • Baklaja

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012apple is selfish, samsung is a copy cat, nokia is fake, why not ... moreAll You said is true !
I agree with You !
I was always Nokia fan, never tried HTC, now it's time for something good and new !

  • AnonD-5465

videos on youtube shows on real how it works and it turned out real !

  • haloooman

that nokia! For them to sell. Worst than copying patent is cheating its own ability to looks the best. pathetic