Weekly poll: how much storage is enough?

14 February 2021
We're interested in built-in storage specifically, but would like to hear your thoughts on microSD slots and cloud storage as well.

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  • Anonymous

i have 32GB phone and 10GB is free all the time.
Well my phone cant do good videos or pictures and i dont pile up them anyways.
Once a month need to do a cleanup and backups to external drive but i maybe do it once a year cause i dont make pictures and videos at all. I dont understand this hoarding things on a phone and complain about the storage all the time.

Wether we like it or not, sd card slots are going to disappear, people simply care less and it's more profitable for companies to not include them. 32Go is the minimum for any budget android phone, 128go is more than enough for me.

  • A bit of All

>128GB + microSD slot (offline backups, moving in an instant 100s of GB, if it breaks, etc) + cloud storage (just for syncing with other devices small files, for example: documents, files etc.)

  • wildcat

i need more storage and external sorage. because camera photo, video resolution, and app are more higher, size file is getting bigger.

I would need more than 512 if i want to save movies and videos on my phone. Thats what i used to do back in 2019, had a 512GB microSD with many content to watch for a long time... Now that we got phones giving 128GB minimun and still not giving 256GB, we may be stuck with this 128 number years... actually we are still stuck with 128GB phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021128-256 is enough for me, so i don't care about sd car... more+1

  • Anonymous

128-256 is enough for me, so i don't care about sd cards anymore (I did when 64 was the standard for mid-rangers), but i'd still never buy a phone without the 3.5mm jack.

  • Vango

Don't really need extra storage over 128-256, but Memory cards make it very easy to transfer files so would like to get a phone with a slot.

  • dishonored

if the phone have sd card slot then a 128gb is faiiir enough

No amount of storage is, in fact, enough for me.