Weekly poll: how much storage is enough?

14 February 2021
We're interested in built-in storage specifically, but would like to hear your thoughts on microSD slots and cloud storage as well.

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Yuri84, 15 Feb 2021As long as the phone has at least 128gb memory, I don'... moreWhat, are you kidding. Just relying on a cloud storage is just an excuse for they're bad doing to consumers.
Are you really trust the cloud store completely I mean you fully trusted it. Are you sure you're not going to lose any of your privacy? Internet is wild place. Never trust it with all of your heart. They can be dangerous for you sooner or later. And now games like genshin impact have crazy 11 gb sized. Soon games on android just like a pc or console games.
128gb is not enough. You gonna suffer from it.
That's just my opinion. I don't force anyone to follow me.

Samsung just messed up with their own business in sd card production. By removing the slot, the lose market share in sd card department. They do have sd card division right? Maybe they lose again SanDisk.
Samsung should stop copying apple.
While chinese competitor removed sd card because they want us to buy their highest capacity varian of their mainly flagship phones, they don't have sd card company. Even Xiaomi. That's a fact.

  • jason

if your flagship can shoot 8k, and costs £1200, then it should absolutely have 512gb of storage simply because the phone can utilise it, and because you are charging the earth for it, if it is a high end device but not flagship level then 128-256gb is perfectly fine, for mid rangers 128gb, and low end devices 64gb is more then enough

RobinArc, 15 Feb 2021128GB internal storage and a dedicated SD card slot that al... moreBingo. It seems backwards to offer microSD on mid-rangers that can't do 4K video but remove it on devices that can even do 8K. It's really stupid.

  • BeeAnt

For now, I'm happy with 128 GB. But for the future's sake maybe around 256-512 GB is the "safe" spot. Or even 512-1024 GB. We can't really tell. Soon enough 4K videos become the minimum standard. While 8K becomes the premium standard. And both take a lot of bytes.

The.Chosen-One, 15 Feb 2021While sd cards are slow and unreliable they are very useful... moreThat's exactly what I have on my memory card video, Breaking Bad, a couple of 007 movies, plus 1900 tracks of music, photos of someone who is now longer with us and so on.

I would put the music back-up in the cloud, but no one offers that much storage space!

128GB internal storage and a dedicated SD card slot that all I need. I don't prefer cloud storage which can be unreliable due to network/Speed issue+Data cap(Unless it's WiFi with high speed connection).

Furthermore, I can swap data offline with SD card from one device to another and if I have to do factory reset or my phone get broke or just anything happen that has the possibility to lose data from internal storage all my photos, videos and other important files will be intact in SD card. Without SD card I've to relay on my Computer or cloud storage to restore my lost data which I don't like it at all. Even if one don't need a SD card slot, it's not bad to have the option specially for a flagship device which needs more storage to record and store 4K video, High quality photos and songs etc. Apps and games now days consumes too much internal space so for other files like photo, video, music SD card should be the alternative option and for secondar offliney backup storage as well. (My personal opinion) -.-

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

I intend to use my phone for years like 2 to 3 years or probably even more. so with that being said, I need at least 128 GB but I voted for the 256 to 512 GB option w/SD card support

The thing is that some people don't understand and simply not aware of is that w/an SD card, data transfers are such a breeze. you insert the SD card into one device, remove it, put it to the other device and then that's it. no accounts required, downloads necessary and the best part, it works OFFLINE. I don't know about you but I don't intend to download 4k 60 fps videos that has gigs of file sizes everytime I wanted to watch them. I prefer keeping stuff on my phone OFFLINE w/cloud storage being a backup

funny enough, my Phone is the ROG Phone 2 which does not have an SD card but I do have an LG G6 which has one so I just use an OTG adapter. and NO, SD cards aren't that slow. I can transfer gigs worth of files in mere mins from one phone to the other. It just depends on what type of SD card you use. the cheap ones usually have slow and unreliable flash memory. you get what you pay for

Almand, 15 Feb 2021How reliable are the microSD cards now. When I used microSD... moreIf you don't get fake ones, they're great. I'm still using a Sandisk on my LG V20 that I've had since my old HTC one M8. Super reliable.

While sd cards are slow and unreliable they are very useful for storing big files like videos and unimportant files like old photos that you have already backed up somewhere else. For example I have just downloaded a whole tv series and threw it in the sd card to watch whenever I want without worrying about taking phone storage.
And you also don't want to end up like those iPhone users that opted for the lowest storage option available. Most IPhone users I know are always full on storage and can't use the freaking camera because of that. Do having that option, just in case, is great.

  • AlienKiss

No SD card slot = NO BUY!
I don't care if it has 1TB RAM or 1TB storage, I'm not interested without the SD card slot. PERIOD.
One of the main reasons I never wished for an iPhone or a Pixel..

As long as the phone has at least 128gb memory, I don't care if it has a memory card slot. I don't see a single benefit in unreliable memory cards that can die at any moment. Other than making extra storage cheaper.

I probably should mention I have 1tb storage online where I back up my phone's photo gallery. Otherwise I'd.... get a cloud backup option since microSD isn't a reliable backup since it can be lost/stolen/destroyed together with your phone.

Having a memory card slot doesn't hurt in any way but it won't be a deal breaker if it is missing.

  • Anonymous

I have a realme 1 with 128GB inbuilt and 128GB microSD from. 2 years ago. It cost 11000 then, ($150) I refuse to upgrade because I want a phone that exceeds it in all aspects. 256 GB+ Micro SD or 512GB + 3.5 mm jack + 5000mAH battery.

Ideally 128GB and expandable storage just in case

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021Why would I buyba new phone with an sd slot ?? Just buy a v... more3.5 mm Jack is not Obsolete, Unless you are coming from an Apple family.

This is a move by OEMs to promote the wireless gadgets in the guise of technology advancement.

I use a micro SD card to store my music, video, pictures and selected important documents on.

The phone's memory is kept for apps, some ring/notification tones and short term storage which can then either be sent up to the cloud storage, transferred to the card later or deleted.

Olym1mk2, 15 Feb 2021Nice. Where do you buy cards with pre-loaded stuff? And how... moreRead my reply again. I know it's Monday but you should be able to comprehend what you read online.

Rkm, 15 Feb 2021It's been there. I've changed phone 3 times over ... moreNice. Where do you buy cards with pre-loaded stuff? And how do they know exactly what you like?

You can't run from the truth. You transfer stuff. But now you only try to say, it's always been there.

  • Anonymous

Why would I buyba new phone with an sd slot ?? Just buy a version with enough ROM . Will change it in 2 years anyway.... Also 3.5 jack is totally obsolete too.

Olym1mk2, 15 Feb 2021And how do you get it on the card from the start? Transfer. It's been there. I've changed phone 3 times over 7-8 years. Sd card only once (from 16-128). The library has been build over the years.