Weekly poll: how much storage is enough?

14 February 2021
We're interested in built-in storage specifically, but would like to hear your thoughts on microSD slots and cloud storage as well.

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256gb should be standard on all flagships.

Cannot imagine having 64GB phone now, 128GB would be too little, 256GB minimum for lossless music, 512GB would make me happy, 1TB would mean I can use half of my current music library.
I would try such poll instead, how many usbc-jack adapters you need - to have it everywhere and working(I got 3 broken ones in an year, talk about e-waste).

My phone having a headphone jack and a decent DAC I have a 128GB SD to go with the internal 128GB. the 128GB SD holds about 95GB of mostly FLAC music. Additionally my Youtube downloads to the SD.

If smartphone is my secondary device then I must say 64GB is enough.
But if it's my only device for storage then I'm afraid 512GB isn't enough.

I could not vote for how many storage I need because I didn't see the vote button.. did this happen to anyone else?

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Who voted 16 GB and less show up now

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Qwerty, 14 Feb 2021Couldn’t agree more So true I hate it when people say that they should remove the as slot or headphone jack - why it doesn't affect you in any way if you have it a headphone jack doesn't make your phone a foot thick does it ??

I just need 64gb - I can only see a need for 128gb+ if you take lots of videos or you record your screen

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021Who still uses slow unreliable memory cards ? Memeory on ph... moreThe people who need to port music over from phone to MP3 players so they can listen to music in very very high quality

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I never understood those high demands from others. I BET many people voting higher numbers than 64GB never even used up half of 64GB... :D

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Who still uses slow unreliable memory cards ? Memeory on phones isndonfadt thats its idiotic to use unreliable cards. People will cry about anything these days.

Flagship phones min 256Gb +SD Card as 8K recording and high quality megapickles takes a lot of space with SD storage as safe side , if not 512Gb is a must.

Midrange min 128Gb + SD card as it still capped at 4K30fps.

1T storage is more than enough but I prefer 256GB!

If one uses a phone for a minimum of 3 years,
- App updates are not making any apps smaller
- Most of the people I know, choose to store some kind of offline media.
- A phone must have an SD card slot to backup internal memory or future-proofing their storage of some kind until External HDD with USB C connectors starts to become affordable.
- Unlimited Google photos are dead (practically), so people rely on internal and external storage for captured photos and videos ( 4k video recording are already starting to become mainstream nowadays)

The obtained results will be applicable only for this year or next, but probably not after the next 3 years.

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Anders, 14 Feb 2021There is absolutely no legitimate reason to not have micro ... moreCouldn’t agree more

512GB + 2TB iCloud,a great combination that is working well for me.

There is absolutely no legitimate reason to not have micro SD support. Same as with headphone jacks. I'd rather have a feature and not need it, than need it and not have it. Cloud storage is not secure enough. There has been countless leaked info that way

Internal storage is all I prefer, given that it's big enough, since card slots aren't good for safety and takes up space inside the phone which can be used to add other features. If the phone has enough internal storage then it is all I require

Anal, 14 Feb 2021I was expecting high speed UHS-2 micro sd cards to be the n... moreI so agree with you about uploading files to Google Drive. It takes so long to do the uploading, especially when there is a weak Internet connection. It's agony.

64gb if sd card function is available. 128GB if not.