Surface Duo coming to Canada and Europe next week, discounted to $1,000 in the US

11 February 2021
It's important to note that the discount applies only to the US - the new markets are getting the Duo at the full (rather unreasonable) price.

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wongwatt, 12 Feb 2021Import duty and VAT applied. Remember that tax is not show... moreEven with taxes, for a 1000 USD, in Belgium, it would cost ... 1300 USD tops. Which means 1070 EUR more or less. Sooooo ...

davefgranger, 11 Feb 2021So it's $1,000 in the US and $1,850 in the UK. Great.Import duty and VAT applied.
Remember that tax is not shown in US prices.
Doesn't make this a well priced device though - it's still a rip off.

Hassan90, 11 Feb 2021This is the first and last Duo. Releasing it in Europe aft... moreGot a feeling they are only releasing it outside US now because they have saturated the US market (as in "no body is buying anymore") and are left with tons of stock.
It is better than dropping the price significantly like Essential did and upset their already small base customers and declaring the project a failure.

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Anyone buy this?

This device will be discontinued before this year ends and any support until mid 2022 and that's it. MS will bury this phone very quickly, it will be a miracle to see a Surface Duo 2.

So it's $1,000 in the US and $1,850 in the UK. Great.

The absolutely insane prices basically destroyed the Duo. Other than the double screen, its specs make it a mid-range phone. There have been double-screened devices before, like the ZTE Axon M, a few LG phones with a Dual Screen attachment, or Sony Tablet P, and their prices never got that high. If the Duo had a reasonable price, it would have been an amazing phone.

  • MacDadd

Just get a LG phone with a dual screen more flexible and you can go single screen anytime you want. Gap is there when you use both but not entirely too bad

This is the first and last Duo.
Releasing it in Europe after 6 months of its launch shows how Microsoft still doesn't give a damn about mobile hardware.
They will pull the plug soon.

This was born dead jjajjajaajjaja

LG got great alternative phones if you want dual screen with awesome cameras and affordable price and jack. Not latest though.
Hopefully everyone goes back to jack, another dongle died for me as I wait for new phone with that premium feature. It's disaster.

of course merica gets a fat discount, they won't be able to sell over half a dozen of them in europe even if it was discounted.

you'd have to be insane to pay that money

1550€ and it doesn't even have foldable display!! Noo thanks