Biden Administration looking at new restrictions on tech exports to China

11 February 2021
The new US administration won’t back down from its current trade tariffs on China.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021This man's decisions, like the previous one, are doing... moreIs not about you, is about the country you are living in and how that country has obligations to its allies.
If you are in a country allied to US (economically, military, etc.) and you do not like US, well bad luck for you. But, as an advice, is better to be in one of those countries, than to be in some sh*thole one. Just look at the world news and you see what I am talking about.

Now china is playing the victim part and many people fall for that “Ohh, poor china they do not have this and that”. But, it would be even worse if they will be let freely to do whatever they want. China is not a liberal thinking country, quite the opposite, is just posing in one to attract naive countries in trading with them. In the end they want only what’s best for them, they do not care what happens to any other country or person inside that country. They would let the world burn if they could be president of the ashes.

  • AbsoluteTruth

Wow..I'd really like to know what the Chinese visitors of this site have to say now..Since, the last year they've been saying one thing only - Once Trump is gone everything will be alright, he's wrong about China, he sees purple, we see pink..Just let Biden come. WELL, Biden sees it purple too. Now what does that tell you? When everyone sees it purple, but only you & the c~c~p say it's pink..I think it's time you see who's in the wrong here..

  • Anonymous

This man's decisions, like the previous one, are doing it impossible for me to buy certain brands of phones. One country's decision cannot affect the rest of the freedom of countries in the world. It's not about politics, it's about having money that I can spend on who I want.

  • Anonymous

China is winning the trade war. Change my Mind!

  • Anonymous

I can understand not exporting military technology but consumer technology like GMS? That, I don't understand. What can Huawei do with GMS that is military related? I don't buy the US line at all.

cmon china you can do the same... if you brave, bans apple too in your country.

  • onan

well done....keep the restrictions like india and others to come.

  • Anonymous

ericwang, 12 Feb 2021I have to say,most Chinese smartphone company and technolog... moreChinese cannot store chips as they are like a perishable commodity. The SD 888 that maybe costs a 100 USD would have no or little value in 4 years. Do you feel companies like Xiaomi or Vivo will stock up on 888s (4 years supply) just to install them on phones that they would sell for 200 USD because the chip at that time is no longer leading edge?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]To Toshiba

Si hao, 12 Feb 2021Dear US citizen, Do you agree that the ban is for no reas... more...or, just stop putting malware in things you sell, Winnie.

Would love to see huawei bite the dust but losing xiaomi would be a shame.

I have to say,most Chinese smartphone company and technology company do not expect Biden will do something good to them in the next four years.
More Chinese company start to store up US-related IC chip since 2019 like what Huawei do in the past a few years.
Limit Chinese technology is a common view between GOP and DEM.

Dear US citizen,
Do you agree that the ban is for no reason just to destroy their markets? If y'all saw this and not feeling happy about it , here's an apology for you. But I have a good reason why they are fighting like this and should they work together. Here's why, a few thousand years ago, during world war 2, the american military kept targeting china and let them struggle for a few hundred years. As they were SOOOO childish that after these years they still kept in mind what they have done to their country. But what if they don't even want to be partners, SAMSUNG JUST WON.
HERE'S WHY. I am NOT copying Mrwhosetheboss but it's true that if biden stills let the ban go more seriously, not just other countries will follow their footsteps, such as India ,other chinese tech giants like realme xiaomi oppo vivo will be affected sooner . As outside of china really needs google, they will go with Samsung as it's the only cheap choice for the consumers.

But here's the twist some of the consumers who can accept no google mobile services, more of the os such as MIUI harmony os can take over. And google will be extinct I hope the us can denies this decision

[deleted post]Same, this got very interesting since the first day Biden got in office. No refunds!

  • Anonymous

DenDan, 12 Feb 2021Welcome to America when we complain about our President, ch... moreHaha

Good news: IN MY OPINION, anyway. :-) .

  • DenDan

[deleted post]Welcome to America when we complain about our President, change to another but keep on complaining anyway.

Yeah, im not even from America but...thats what happen on America's - Brazil, Argentina and so on.


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021Hope this trade war ends and Xiaomi and Huawei can breathe ... moreDon't think it's happening anytime soon

  • Anonymous

Hope this trade war ends and Xiaomi and Huawei can breathe a sigh of relief