Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra stars in a hands-on video: 120X zoom and secondary screen revealed

12 February 2021
It's powered by the Snapdragon 888 SoC, packs a 120Hz screen, and features a periscope camera.

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I Think Its very ugly, like a Lot of people here just said, Not a Xiaomi desing, personally I Think it´s a total Fake

  • Arte8800

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021He is right, maybe xiaomi uses some samsung component wich ... moreYou have a point off credits truth.

  • Cellular Bogota

That is cool to have a back display. That means in future cellphone don't need front camera.

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021But why they don't make a phone that is less than 200g... moreIf you have multiple cameras it is logical the phone will not have 160 g anymore, because every module has some weigh, but this is not the main issue here. The issue are the materials. Glass phones usually are heavy. People(not everybody of course) wants premium materials. If they wants it, they will have it. Another thing is the battery. If you put a 5000 mAh battery, that battery will be more heavier than a 4000 mAh one I bet on this one.
So if you add all of these things, you will be around 200g already.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-961600, 12 Feb 2021Swoosh Troll.He is right, maybe xiaomi uses some samsung component wich is normal and not a bad thing, but they are better and they don't use PLASTIC and EXYNOS and FULL HD display
Xiaomi used the most expensive dual curved display while samsung uses worse display or at least about the same as the s21 ultra (even tho the mi 11 display is 1 BILLION COLORS and not old 16million

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 12 Feb 2021You may not want zoom on your phone, nor ultrawide, but oth... moreBut why they don't make a phone that is less than 200g (bcuz of less cameras) and for 700$ globaly instead of 1000$(bcuz of less cameras, only the main camera at the back)
It will have A LOT MUCH MORE benefit for me and some people, so I DON'T NEED TO CARRY A THICC BRICK SUPER EXPENSIVE PH0NE THAT WOBBLE ALL THE TIME, and with that camera bump how I can HOLD THE PHONE HORIZONTALLY, this is a very stupid idea, I hope they come back to their mind, its because of camera we have those brick +1500$ phones with small battery and THICC
I hope you can understand, I don't USE ANY CAMERA OTHER THAN THE MAIN CAMERA, As for the selfie camera, I don't mind If they do it then that's ok, if not that's also ok

  • Anonymous

Qimchi, 12 Feb 2021If they could just contour the camera bump or make the phon... moreTo make phone thicker and hide bump, more materials are used.
Phone gets heavier also more expensive.

If they make phone with about 15mm to hide bump, people will complain :

- "15mm thick and not even a 7000mAh? They could have done it for the price! ".

Be sure of this ....

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 12 Feb 2021Disappointing then I guess. The zoomed image would look as ... moreMi 10 Ultra's zoom is pretty decent. Just good enough to be actually usable at 5x

  • wbib

no more macro camera, big mistake

  • Anonymous

Okay I REALLY dig the secondary screen, it's seriously SUPER useful especially today when phones have such large camera bumps so you lay them flat on screen - you get all notification nice and easy on the screen so you don't have to check it all the time.

Big props to Xiaomi for this, I keep fingers crossed it sticks, I really want to see this on more phones (or at least some sort of notification led on the back).

zoom couldn't be more fake, I guess it sells better with higher number...

  • Anonymous

3rd world languages hurt my ears.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021wtf, i hate cameras, if i want a camera i will buy a camera... moreI have a solution for you.
I understand that you "hate" cameras. so there is such a thing as "non-camera" phones.

  • Rhyne weisse

I mean honestly...
That secondary screen is barely 1.1inches! I'd understand if it was like the Meizu Pro 7... but THIS is absurd....

  • Anonymous

If Xiaomi doesn't get overboard with the price this is a winner. Period.

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021this is the worst design ever on a phone, very very most fa... moreYou may not want zoom on your phone, nor ultrawide, but others wants it! This is the future bro!

Niivelli, 12 Feb 2021What do we need 120X zoom for?? Just provide a camera perfo... moreIt has top shelf camera performance. Beats the Apple, Samsung singlehandedly, trading blows back and forth with the Huawei.

What a camera woooooh

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 12 Feb 2021Actually the sensors currently available, give us an idea o... moreThe OEMs buy the periscope , they do not make them.

None of them can use 12, 15 or 20x even if they wanted.
Current tech is limited to 10x.
To use 10x, it needs smaller sensor. No matter resolution.
You can have 50MP, as long it is small sensor enough to fit in there.

  • KG

I like the idea of the screen on the back, but only if it eliminates the selfie punch hole on the front. Add a selfie shooter button to the back and you have a really cool setup.