Essential smartphone brand acquired by Carl Pei’s Nothing startup

16 February 2021
The Essential brand has one smartphone under its belt but could more be coming?

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what a joke, it's literally a tv remote with display instead of buttons

I hope to see more from this, i got my essential phone in september 2018 and i still got it and use it, i'm very pleased with it, and don't see myself changing to other phone in the near future.

To be honest, I really loved the Ph-1 Phone.

  • Anonymous

Carl created nothing from nothing , Good job.

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 16 Feb 2021I read that as Carl pay nothing to acquire Essential. Good ... moreYou means carl paid for just nothing!

  • Anonymous

JustSomeRandomGuy, 16 Feb 2021so their company is Essentially NothingYep, Nothing Essential is the mutual feeling about those two companies...

  • Anonymous

Now I know what the brand name means! It's the value of Essential.

well now the company have something hehe

  • Anonymous

Author: Essential released the phone, the various accessories and adapters for it (nice USB-C cable, 27W charger, 3.5mm adapter), and optional 60GHz WUSB modules (Panoramic camera, 3.5mm high-res audio). Slightly more than “one product”

Commenters: surely all of the ‘wordplay’ has been exhausted already?

My PH-1 was a solid phone save the camera; a 2nd or 3rd gen would’ve been on my short list, but I don’t see the brand assets having much value on their own at this point. Strange business decision.

  • Anonymous

Reading this on my Essential PH-1 ... Carl, where are my updates from May 2020? Need them asap !

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

so their company is Essentially Nothing

  • Anonymous

Nope... if they really gonna put out a phone later on we don't need it to be just another droid trust me. It's time to take some real risk(s) and start attacking to be the real 3rd disruptor; ante up the Linux phone game but with Essential's design chops.

You just can't win against that Chinese wall of OEMs this late in the droid game.

  • kmb877

GadgetIn, 16 Feb 2021Not everyone has a lot of money like youI'm willing to better pay $400 and put $600 in my IRA account.

  • kmb877

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021Which brand name will they use now, "Essential" o... moreMaybe Essential is nothing?!

  • Hahaha

Just buy samsung phone it does have app edge. i'm sure the price of that will be a thousand dollars

  • Wayne Morellini

Goodfellow, 16 Feb 2021We need phones which has no OS installed but which has a ce... more+1

  • Goodfellow

We need phones which has no OS installed but which has a certain level of specification so that anyone can install alt OS and use the phones.

  • Jai

Crazy update...


  • Anonymous

NIIIIICE. I'm looking forward to the one that is going to compete with Apple's ecosystem

I read that as Carl pay nothing to acquire Essential. Good job Carl. It worthless now.