Samsung Galaxy A52 4G and 5G's full specs, design and price revealed in a massive leak

16 February 2021
The 4G and 5G models differ in terms of chipset and connectivity.

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samsung fan, 16 Feb 2021if A52 5G comes in Snapdragon 750G then this will be wast... moreWhy.
Many countries have 5g now.

    Clean design. Much better than v-notches. I hate those.

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      • Anonymous
      • n7D
      • 16 Feb 2021

      WHY 350 euro when F62 for india is 280 euro and has better specs exluding water resistance only ???????????????

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        • A.AND
        • ptw
        • 16 Feb 2021

        It must be under 400€
        More, not reasonable

          Well balanced spec sheets ip67, headphone jack, micro SD not a combination you see much these days, but they're both €80 too expensive. So I guess wait for deals on them and then they are genuinely good options

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            • sr%
            • 16 Feb 2021

            Price seems a bit steep but I guess that's the result of switch to snapdragon instead of their own chip

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              • samsung fan
              • Hxe
              • 16 Feb 2021

              if A52 5G comes in Snapdragon 750G then this will be waste phone.

              Use exynos 1080 their own.