Oppo patents a smartphone with a selfie camera sliding sideways

16 February 2021
It goes from one end of the top bezel to the other, with several stops during the process.

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Useless thing on 2021 in phone industry's that's for sure. This can be done externally by usb c and attached to the phone.

  • Seb

34SciencePigeon, 16 Feb 2021In my opinion, A good selfie is the one under display and i... moreWe'll have to wait a few more years for decent camera quality with under display though.

  • Woohoo

Anna, 16 Feb 2021So after copying Apple's wide and ugly notch in the di... moreI bet you are confusing Oppo with some other brand and probably didn't even bother to read the whole article.
Oppo hardly stuck to that wide ugly notch (in fact I don't remember any of their devices even sporting such a wide notch, it was more like on the OP6) and came up with the much more elegant water/tear/dew-drop notch on cheaper/mid-range devices.
The Find X launched the same time as iXs, and already did away with that awful hideous notch for a much more elegant solution all while retaining the 3D-face scanning.
And any way this is just a patent filing not an actual prototype just yet and tbh I personally would much rather have a top and bottom bezel (like the Xperia IIs😍) rather than an eye-sore. Punch-holes are also a good compromise as long as they are small enough and close to the corner.

  • Getnet

Oppo best ever

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021Sometimes you have no word to say, this is the one of that ... moreYeah, I call them 'headscratching' decisions like wtf! They are usually stupid designs that make no sense or downgrading specs on a supposedly'upgraded' modesl (looking at you Motorola!)

In my opinion, A good selfie is the one under display and in the center of the display. I did it in front of a big screen by an old webcam and many were curious how I detect both the position of camera and the contents of the subject in display.

Waiting for companies to do so.

  • Royal Eternal

They should combine this tech with zte's invincible under screen camera... Then this will completely eliminate the notch on the sliding/gliding area to a 100%screen to body ratio... @Xiaomi should adopt the combo and make a patent on it...I love'em....

YUKI93, 16 Feb 2021I can't really see any point of that. It's not li... moreBack in the day of film you could get a slider adaptor for your tripod so you could take a photo, slide the camera sideways, and take another one thus getting a stereo pair with a mono camera. This is the same idea.

  • Anonymous

Meanwhile Apple,,

  • pan

hhmmm... so it will try to picture the face like a scanner?
no problem with the bezel, i even prefer it over notches and holes... but this is different... interesting...

onesujeet, 16 Feb 2021Just remove the selfie camera and be done with itYes, I agree w/ that.

onesujeet, 16 Feb 2021Just remove the selfie camera and be done with itAgree 100% I'm so tired of all this messy displays cause of this "I love my self" camera.... Then some will talk about video netting etc, it all can be done without this.

Just remove the selfie camera and be done with it

All that, and it doesn't even get hidden on any side for privacy, a pure total waste of potential.
Privacy is much more important than 3D effects.

I mean I am all for innovation and I could see this having potential once we get really high quality under screen camaras but till then? Who wants big bezel like that with no extreme advantage?

  • Anonymous

Bigmeme, 16 Feb 2021What's the point of this?Did you even read the article?

  • magnum

sharkfin was good...wonder why they discontinued the design on reno series

  • LOKA


every motorized system taking space inside the phone.

So it may decrease the battery, or decrease the motherboard.
Or will cause no loudspeaker in the top of the phone, and the L-R sounds become not balanced

Clever but I don't think it's what anyone actually wants.