Redmi Note 10 set to debut on March 4

16 February 2021
The Note 10 series' landing pages are already live on Xiaomi's website and Amazon India.

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KimbraMe, 16 Feb 2021Macro and depth cams are useful. One device should not spel... moreboth the macro and depth are useless, very useless. unless they put a 10 or 12mp macro, then its perfect, if they really want a really good and true quad heres my stuff:

108mp with OIS (hell, even flagships at 2015 at this price point had OIS)
10/12mp ultrawide
10/12mp macro
8/12mp telephoto 2x (just like on the realme 6 pro)

like putting 2 two megapixel macro and depth sensors are very useless, just for the s****y marketing.

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The.Chosen-One, 16 Feb 2021I don't think so. Display is all the gpu's job. A... moreQualcomm in their official website stated that SD750G can support FHD@120hz while they didn't mention anything abt SD765G ( but it was mentioned that 765g can max qhd@60hz, didn't mention abt fhd because it won't support high refresh rates).

Bigmeme, 16 Feb 2021Just waiting for the poco f2Poco F2 won't come.

  • dazed1

Boojas, 16 Feb 2021snap 750 for low range is killing. But im not sure with its... moreThat camera with the correct GCAM is unbitable, trust me.

  • dazed1

The Android Freak, 16 Feb 2021Just get One Plus Nord. Much much better phone.1. Weaker CPU
2. Weaker camera

How it is much better?

  • dazed1

ZMaster, 16 Feb 2021Why are people buying phone because of camera? I want a pho... moreWhat? the camera is the single most important aspect of a phone for the majority of the people.

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ZMaster, 16 Feb 2021Why are people buying phone because of camera? I want a pho... moreLmao, SD865 in mid-range, are you kidding me???
Phone is a thing that can help you do anything while being easy to use and brought.
Phone with no camera? What age did you live in? Even back then it's a must for phone to have a camera (even if it's VGA) [not feature phone, but decent phone that use Symbian/Java)

Weird thing to be hope.

GadgetIn, 16 Feb 2021Sure, but with $400 price tag. I mean what could you ask f... moreThere isnt much difference between this and Poco X3. Get that instead. It's below 280USD.

Hey Du, 16 Feb 2021Pls use the sd 765g and make a 90hz amoled screenJust get One Plus Nord. Much much better phone.

Anon ., 16 Feb 2021108MP, HRR LCD, Snapdragon 750G. I hope they won't rel... moreIt's already launched in the Indian market as Mi10i.

108MP, HRR LCD, Snapdragon 750G. I hope they won't relaunch the Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G as Redmi Note 10.

  • ZMaster

Why are people buying phone because of camera? I want a phone with 12mp max or no camera at all but with a very decent SoC. Cut the camera cost & then give us a phone with a nice chipset.. Snapdragon 865 on a phone with simple or no camera would be a major deal cos it would be more affordable than even mi 10t!!😋

Duderino, 16 Feb 2021More spam incoming. Realme is MUCH better!!!High price point, small screen, unforgivable build quality, hmmm, super fast charing tech (mind your battery), less customization than MIUI, hehe, so-so cameras, I don't think this is a real package when compared to Redmi. Can't even get close. A Realme 6 in my country sells $50 more than the Redmi Note 9S and Pro, really?

GadgetIn, 16 Feb 2021I am also not sure if it will come with an : 1. Crappy mac... moreMacro and depth cams are useful. One device should not spell doom for all devices. HMX all the way! No IOS at this price point, give or take EIS. The ultrawide at 8MP is usable, if you're uncomfortable with that, go get a flagship Samsung, Pixel, or Apple. The rest are so-so in cam tech, the Pixel is the best, in my opinion.

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Looks like Xiaomi going all out too this year,, probably worry Realme gaining marketshare

GadgetIn, 16 Feb 2021Sure, but with $400 price tag. I mean what could you ask f... moreI don't need 5G on a phone right now, this has a long, long was to go with just two or so, so bands on a Xiaomi at this price range. $300 is good for the SD 750G, cam, and other specs, am keeping a phone for ONE YEAR, so, I can't stretch being $300. OLED at 60Hz, nope, it must be QHD to please my eyes. I've seen the Mi 10T and Ultra offering an excellent LCD, and Xiaomi are so, so good at their LCDs, unless it's a Super AMOLED QHD, am not buying into any crap at any price point, like what's being done on the S21 and S21+, I can see those AMOLED pixels on a screen above 6", and none of these AMOLEDs is making is making the cut for me.

GSM Boy, 16 Feb 2021yup, i agree, i thought that the X2 pro would be the bench... moreYeah, Realme X2 Pro is easily the best Realme phone ever. At just €399, it easily kills the Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 9 which costs €360 and €499 respectively. The fast charging, awesome screen, premium and good looking design, good stereo speakers, super fast specs and good (not great) cameras was so good at that time. But, Realme X50 Pro, with just an adition of Matte glass, 5G, Snapdragon 865, Better Storage, same cameras, 65W Charging (from 50W), and even duller design that looks like Realme 6. And yet, the price became €750. Wow, what a huge leap in price. And that easily disqualifies it. Even Oneplus 8 Pro and Mi 10 costs €799 and they are an better deal. And the Realme X3 Superzoom, sheesh.... No OIS, same cameras, only have 5x optical zoom, dull design, low quality LCD, onky 30W charging, no stereo speakers, dim display, same chip, yet costs €499. What the h*ll is Realme thinking. Even the Realme 7 costs more than the Poco X3, yet has an : inferior chip, no stereo speakers, smaller battery, 90hz display compared to 120hz, 8 Mp ultrawide, no NFC. I lost hope in Realme at 2020. But the Narzo 20 Pro is good, but easily killed too by the Poco X3. Realme 7 Pro is good though. Realme struggles to grow because it discomtinues features that make their predecessors popular, their sucessors are trash

  • What

What about Realme X7 guys :\

GadgetIn, 16 Feb 2021Yeah, Realme X3 Superzoom is trash compared to Mi 10T Pro, ... moreyup, i agree, i thought that the X2 pro would be the benchmark for their phones to come, but it went downhill after that.

I think it will have more or less same specs because as poco x3