Huawei P50 series to arrive in last weekend of March, include three phones

16 February 2021
The regular P50 is likely to go the Lite path with a Kirin 9000E chipset, the Pro and Pro+ will run on Kirin 9000.

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Swarley1, 16 Feb 2021Huawei is dying outside china ccp- land, fortunatelyNo they aren't, troll.

Truth , 16 Feb 2021Huawei makes the best phones, period. That’s why US use sha... moreExactly

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CptPower, 16 Feb 2021Everything came from China. Without Chinese people this w... moreNot for a long, in a few years most phones will come out of India, Africa, South America

I hope huawei will put sfs flash technology on p50 pro, not just the plus model.

Swarley1, 16 Feb 2021Huawei is dying outside china ccp- land, fortunatelyNot for long.
In my country here in Slovakia my phone shop company selling Huawei phones pretty well.
Xiaomi and Huawei are most sold phones and brand we have for sale compared to something like Samsung HTC LG or Apple. Even Lenovo and Motorola sells a lot better than the comparison brands.

[deleted post]Everything came from China.
Without Chinese people this world will be ruin.
Many good improvements and creations came from China.
Since dark age Chinese people had big sense for creations, improvements and many else.

Shui8, 16 Feb 2021Lol. What do you mean by 'new' are different sens... moreThat's what I'm saying. Updated sensor. Nothing new.

You have plenty of apps to compensate, and fb, Instagram and tiktok is up there.
Newpipe is youtube
Idrc about Google search cuz it sucks and invades privacy
Maps there are ton of app for gpc.
I don't use the gms on this phone and the speed and privacy ads is a huge difference.
If you choose to limit yourself your missing out on a great phone.
I have the mate 20x but the only thing that keep me from not upgrading imo is this phone is perfect. Big screen, great cameras, great UI. 7.2 inches of goatness. If they make at 6.9 or a 7.2 inch phone again I'll switch.

  • Truth

Huawei makes the best phones, period. That’s why US use shameless dirty politics to try to kill it. Why China doesn’t ban Apple in retaliation is beyond me. But I support Huawei 100% against shameless US n I boycott Apple.

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Swarley1, 16 Feb 2021Huawei is dying outside china ccp- land, fortunatelyAmin to that. They could take Xiaomi with them too.

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021HarmonyOS is just a slightly (illegally) tweaked version of... moreillegal in which part, AOSP is open, anyone can take it and make the modifications they want, or do you think that if it were illegal Google would not have sued

  • Lafama

I can't wait to get this phone. I was going to get the P40 PRO Plus, but, I'm going with the P50 PRO Plus instead. Awesome!

CptPower, 16 Feb 2021Hope they will do their best as usualy only one brand can a... moreHuawei is dying outside china ccp- land, fortunately

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Olym1mk2, 16 Feb 2021They come with updated sensor.! Not new sensor. They have u... moreWhat type you recommend then

Nothing New, 16 Feb 2021The main problem is than almost every new thing will be in ... moreP40 Pro + is available to but from Huawei UK...

Hope they will do their best as usualy only one brand can and will be best and thats Huawei.
Regardless the USA creepy movements Huawei will always prevail.

  • David

Why oh why did trump ban the phone division of huawei?Why not just ban them making 5g towers.I already would have brought one phone from them,they had everything what i wanted from a phone.I use a ton of gms apps,which yes you can find some in their store,but many dont.Also i loved my windows phone more than any android,iphone so far,but the lack of support and apps killed it for me as well.If huaweis store keeps growing even outside china, i might choose them one day .But now if i want to buy a good reliably phone like my oneplus 3t which is 4 years old now,i have to cough up a LOT of money to get a good one which is properly updated,supported etc etc

AljeanT, 16 Feb 2021Mate 40 Pro is all over in Aliexpress and AmazonThese are private resellers. You can't buy them directly from Huawei or other official retail sources in China other than in flash sales with very limited supply. You can get them from private sellers only for marked up prices. Walk into a Huawei store in China and they are out of stock of nearly every model of phone as they simply can't acquire chips and some other components to make the phones

Aierlan, 16 Feb 2021Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to buy them as ... moreMate 40 Pro is all over in Aliexpress and Amazon

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tehyadro, 16 Feb 2021And we still dont have a review on p40 pro+ on the very &qu... moreEven I was waiting for the Mate 40 Pro+ camera reviews, especially the new wider (than b4, though in-line with other flagships) UW camera and the improved free-form lens.