Carl Pei says Essential acquisition was all about the patents

17 February 2021
This could mean a "Nothing" smartphone is being considered down the line.

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Nothing to see here

  • Anonymous

Errorman, 17 Feb 2021"Nothing" is a terrible name for a company.No not really , a few years ago some unknown producer / comic got together and started a TV show About Nothing , that’s right
It was one of the most successful tv show ever
Jerry Seinfeld even go an offer from NBC for another year for 40M USD in 1998
He walked away from that !
So , don’t bet all your pesos at one time

  • Anonymous

Bigmeme, 17 Feb 2021Nothing could be the new oneplusNothing is the new essential. We'll wait for their closure announcement when the galaxy s23 or s24 is announced.

Wayne., 17 Feb 2021Called it! :) Now, what sort of patents did they want. ... moreExactly. Essential was working on sub-mm band communication between phones and add on modules, which fits exactly with what Pei is talking about. A sub-mm video link would make cable free VR headsets possible.

right always, 17 Feb 2021Means Another OPPO Sub BrandIdk if you're trying to say Essential's going to be another Oppo brand, but if you are, you need to read the article again and read about Carl Pei's recent actions.

If they're gonna release another phone with Essential's S tier software, I'm all for it.

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nothing essential?

  • Nothing

Nothing to see here, move along.

The original article is not accurate. Carl Pei said the acquisition of Essential was all about the *trademarks*. He said nothing about acquiring any residual *patents*. Of course, those are fundamentally different types of intellectual property.

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Mobilemaster, 17 Feb 2021I would like to see a successor of the Essential phone. A t... moreNot if it's another droid and I mean that in a constructive way. To come in this late in the game, just putting up a fight against 1+ his ex-co. could already be daunting enough not to mention the rest of the Chinese droid OEMs.

If there's gonna be a Nothing Phone it needs a real 3rd disruptor say a Linux phone. Yes laugh now but only because NONE of the current Linux offerings we have right now bears a cohesive brand + design direction that's precisely what Nothing can fix.

  • Anonymous

I hope for some flaghsip killing :)

"Nothing" is a terrible name for a company.

  • hehe

Mysterious marketing to hide its hardware design flaws in its ill-advised need for zoom cameras, etc.... I don't give a damn what this guy says, I haven't even read the post. He could worry about the problems with the 8pro and others.

  • Anonymous

It will be tough compete with headphones etc.. name nothing is reall such a bad name....

So it's Essentially Nothing

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What's more rich are the pretentious consoomers who will defend this garbage like the Supreme herds.

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right always, 17 Feb 2021Means Another OPPO Sub BrandLet's combine the two names. Noppo!, nobody interested?

  • Wayne.

Called it! :)

Now, what sort of patents did they want. I can't imagine too many key patents which aren't product related. So, their patent portfolio might point to the sort of products planned.

i actually find essential's concept phone that's freakishly thin and tall like a tv remote intriguing- in side by side apps it could effective display the correct aspect ratio of at least one of the apps either in landscape or portrait mode. unlike the current trend of 20-21:9. then again, i think this is just bbk's ploy to recapture the oneplus fans.

  • Anonymous

It will be another rectangle like those made by his former company.