Weekly poll results: 128GB is the new sweet spot for base storage, microSD cards still important

21 February 2021
A bit over two years ago 64GB was considered a fine starting point, but now people are aiming at 128GB and higher.

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Tigolebitties, 22 Feb 2021Many smartphone companies are removing micro SD so their us... moreTHIS! I always know the pain of uploading files at cloud storage, be it Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or whatever, with painfully slow internet. That is why I'm not going to embrace cloud storage as the microSD card replacement. It's terrible!

I definitely can agree 128GB is the new sweet spot for internal storage. I mean, just look at Genshin Impact for Android - if you download all the contents from that game, you'll be looking at at least some 40GB or 50GB of data, and that's not counting on the future updates. If you have a phone with 64GB of internal storage, you basically had it.

As for the microSD card, that is definitely a requirement for me. Even though there is USB OTG, I don't always carry my external hard drive or USB stick around. Furthermore, I never like storing all my files in cloud storage because of Internet connection speed and the fact that the servers can go down at any time without any notice. Having something like the microSD card in the phone where I can easily access all my files even when offline is a big deal for me.

Shanti Dope, 22 Feb 2021It won't be possible for now with the given size const... moreExactly! I got very frustrated when I found out that all apps on my phone cannot be moved to microSD. I understand if it's a large game with high-resolution assets that needs to be loaded quickly, but messenger apps like WhatsApp or document editors such as Microsoft Word won't need that UFS 2.1 speed to run.
App developers are abusing this Android 'feature' (which should be called 'restriction') and helping phone manufacturers getting away with not including MicroSD card slot in their phones.

Personally, I use MicroSD card to store my recorded videos (which is always the highest quality my phone can offer). So I shot the video using internal storage, and move it to SDcard afterwards. Also, Android has support for various file types and media codecs, so we can open most of the popular file types without any third party software. Unlike in iPhones, where video files must be re-encoded in order to be playable.

Si hao, 22 Feb 2021I wouldn't recommend people using sd cards cos it caus... morePity you, I have been using the same microSD card that I bought four years ago and it still works fine to this day despite changing a lot of phones.

  • db420

Came to say storage needs vary, but the storage Dilemma is coming: my phone, laptop, and PS vita (portable gaming device) all have 512 GB storage space and they are all very capable devices in their own regard but none the less the storage medium on all three is applied different to different results but they all sing the same sing song! MicroSD is here for the long haul ! Devices that don't support microSD in some built in capacity is irrelevant and forced obsolescence from the zealous marketing ploy angle, they pretend and even promote to having your best interests in mind when considering functionality etc (Apple!) But clearly not they've been trying to take the microSD out of phones once they realize it let's people make independent decisions, sorry to rant

Shanti Dope, 22 Feb 2021Bruh, did I say that there's no internet connection th... moreapparently, not only in the philippines... there are some tourists spots for nature trippers around the world that is out of network coverage area... and those places are good spot for video and photo shoots... so, yes... we still need an sd card... (it happened when i went to patar and bangui, somewhere in northern luzon years ago, not sure if they are well covered by networks now)

Si hao, 22 Feb 2021I wouldn't recommend people using sd cards cos it caus... moreNo clue what lag you're talking about. There's a problem with your microSD card if it's slowing down your phone. Coming from a guy currently on an LG V20 with a 5-year old Sandisk microSD card inside it with no lag at all.

  • AnonD-973296

i can get away with 32gb storage, and if i needed MicroSD (which i will never), i would still pick cloud storage over paying upwards of $450 for a 1tb sd card

Erin, 22 Feb 2021The microSD is outdated. The switch to Nano-SIM happened in... moreWhile I don't like nano memory, I appreciate Huawei for exposing BBK, Xiaomi, Meizu, Apple, and Google. There's a solution that doesn't increase the size of the tray due to microSD and they STILL don't want to offer expandable memory because money. They don't care about what the users want.

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021MicroSD slot is a must have, you pay 60$ and get an additio... morecloud storage perfect like my google picture since 2011 it already 10years with thousand of pic if for SD card at least 512GB but it would be easier just to sign in?

I used oneplus 128G in 4months I used up to 65GB now looking for new phone with 256GB for a long term use lazy to change phone again

  • Anonymous

MicroSD slot is a must have, you pay 60$ and get an additional of 512GB which is pretty fast even for 4k 60fps recording. You can backup your data to SD and easily transition to a new phone easily and you dont need cloud storage.

Many smartphone companies are removing micro SD so their users use cloud storage but they don't realize cloud is literally useless when u have a slow internet connection?

It literally take hours to upload a folder when u use cloud compared to micro SD which only takes at least 5 minutes to transfer the data. Transferring data via cloud will never be easy especially when u need an internet connection, upload the folder and download it on another device

  • Erin

The microSD is outdated. The switch to Nano-SIM happened in 2012. Switch to nanoSD like Huawei or use phones with 128GB (and above) internal storage.

I wouldn't recommend people using sd cards cos it causes a huge amount of lag although I'm using Samsung's micro sd

Thrawn, 21 Feb 2021they don't want you buying SD cards anymore...that... moreand UHS-III is an eyesore, it surpasses the speeds of UFS 2.1, it can record 8K videos without any kind of problem

  • Former iOS user

256gb should be perfect. My iPhone storage of 64gb used to fill up very quickly.

Icarus, 21 Feb 2021Jeas, what planet do you live on? Even Papua New Guinea has... moreBruh, did I say that there's no internet connection there?! All I'm saying is that NOT every part of this world is reached by internet connection! The fact that you're even arguing with me about something that's already an objective fact proves that you've never looked outside the environment that you're currently living in.

In the Philippines, our province is a very rural area, with the location of our home there not even having basic network signals for phone calls and text messages. How do you expect that people living there will be able to use cloud-based storage when they don't even have an idea that such thing exists due to the lack of internet connection?
It's foolish how you approached me aggressively by proving to everyone how ignorant you are.

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021Give us a SD card with the speed of sata SSD and then I wil... moreIt won't be possible for now with the given size constraints of micro SD cards, but why would you even need such ridiculous speeds anyway? Micro SD cards aren't supposed to be used for internal storage anyway, and the files that you will keep there are the things that won't need extremely high read and write speeds for fast accessibility.
How about reserving the internal storage of your phone entirely for the whole system and have your personal files saved on the micro SD card instead? Wouldn't that make your phone faster since you're freeing up a lot of space inside your phone's built-in memory?

  • Anonymous

Duh, can't believe one need a poll to tell Android users want expandable storage, while vendors are becoming more Apple by the days till, one day, people no longer see the point of choosing Android any more.