Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review

22 February 2021
Samsung has finally brought Active Noise Cancelling to its wireless earbuds.

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If you can't connect to the wear app they are fake. I had first hand experience with fakes. Hard to spot at first, so be careful people

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    • xjH
    • 08 Jul 2022

    I like samsung

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      • 03 Jan 2022

      Imran Latif, 23 Feb 2021Fit is terrible and sound is just fine.. Best feature is sw... moreYea loude then download volume booster app and crank it up to 15% without any clipping first device that can hardly any boost past 3% without frying like I didn't buds + ....

      My rear view mirror is not bouncing withi the bass I not liking it will with 10% to 15% boast on my volume boast app these buds pro any my now eyeballs bounce with the bass in place of the rear view mirror nice

        As a lot of people have said, not the most perfect fitting earbud. It fits, but it doesn't mold to the shape of your ears as well as some custom in-ear designs.

        However it's not a deal breaker. Overall I like it. The sound is tuned really nicely, and delivers quality sound that is expected at this price-range. Nothing more nothing less.

        I've heard that all the other Samsung TWS have much poorer sound quality when compared to the Buds Pro (even the new Buds 2). You can look up the frequency response graphs for all of them and compare them yourself.

        Would definitely recommend them if it's on sale.

          Ahsan arain, 26 Aug 2021My buds pro aren't connecting with wear please help me 😭😭😭it could be a sign that they are fake

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            • Ahsan arain
            • KIq
            • 26 Aug 2021

            My buds pro aren't connecting with wear please help me 😭😭😭

              I have the Buds + and the Buds Pro. I connected them both to my S21 Ultra, but the audio is only playing through one of these devices at any given time.

              How do I get to play the audio on both the devices simultaneously as claimed in this review?

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                • 22 Apr 2021

                Bad designs and zero free accessories, thats the new motto of Samsung. Make customers spend more money, loisy product and rip their hearts out. Should just fire the directors.

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                  • 29 Mar 2021

                  I recently purchased this and I unfortunately fall in the category where the fit just doesn't seem right. It does stay in my ear securely, however the edges of the inner mic/speaker rubs against the inner part of my ear causing a slight tear of the skin. I do wear them for extended periods and dissappointed at the battery life and feel that it is false advertisement (used with s20 ultra). I also have the Sennheiser CX 400BT and while it doesn't have the bells and whistle as the bud pro, the sound quality, comfortable fit, adjustable EQ beats the buds pro hands down. I rarely talk on the phone, although the few times I did I got no complaints using the Sennheiser - apparently the mic isn't the best, but that doesn't matter to me. The ANC is cool but the novelty wore off for me after 48 hrs. I feel bad but I will be taking my Sennheiser back from my father he will get the newer buds pro.

                  So if sound quality and comfort is most important features, go with Sennheiser cx 400bt. If you have extra $$ I'm sure their higher model would blow Samsung buds out the water in every category minus the mic.

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                    • haitham
                    • Nqk
                    • 10 Mar 2021

                    Did buds pro have the same problem as buds live , while calling from buds live the one i speak to , hear all surrounding me during the call ....

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                      • 09 Mar 2021

                      • Terrible fit — the buds+ are much better since they have the earwing. buds pro fall out all the time. forget it for sports.
                      • Touch controls are not a good idea, especially with a bad fit since you have to push the buds back into place all the time, screwing up your listening experience by pausing or activating ambient noise. terrible
                      • charging case isn't intuitive to open so you often find yourself trying different sides until you get the right one
                      • battery life is meh
                      • today the earbuds actually started doing a extremely high pitch constant noise

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                        • tDP
                        • 06 Mar 2021

                        The provided earbuds are either too loose (that the bass is gone and anc is meaningless), or it is just too tight that it hurts my ears after 15 minutes of using it. Just annoyingly uncomfortable. Sound is so much details that sometimes i found it 'too noisy'. Anyhow, what's the point of having superior sound, but uncomfortable to wear earbuds.

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                          • Imran Latif
                          • sUv
                          • 23 Feb 2021

                          Fit is terrible and sound is just fine.. Best feature is switching to low sound and turning ambient sound on when speaking
                          "They are the loudest Buds we’ve ever tested" Seriously??? Try out Jabra Elite Active 75t.. Honestly you will know what is loud.. 😁

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                            • 23 Feb 2021

                            It doesn't really matter how good the sound is if it isn't comfortable, after using the buds with the wingtips , which fit amazingly and I can easily leave them in for long periods, these buds Pro are so uncomfortable I really can't understand how they let them be produced. I can't use it for more than ten minutes without regard hurting and without the tips that don't feel as Secure.

                              You call this a review? More like a hands on review
                              No detailed information on audio quality
                              No mention of connectivity
                              No mention of latency

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                                • 7ZJ
                                • 22 Feb 2021

                                The fit is terrible. I have had the Buds, Buds+ and now Buds Pro and they are the worst fitting of all 3. The wind noise with ANC on is very poor. The only thing that works well is the ANC to Ambient sound when it picks up your voice, other than that, the Buds+ are much better.

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                                  • 22 Feb 2021

                                  psyded, 22 Feb 2021Can the Galaxy Buds Pro connect to two devices at the same ... moreI tried using it with a PC for my MS Teams meetings and it works really well, it auto disconnects from the phone once I manually connect it to the PC. Switching between hand-free mode and stereo mode is very solid as well, works 100% of the time.

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                                    • 22 Feb 2021

                                    MrDong, 22 Feb 2021How's the sound quality? Unfortunately Buds Pro only w... more" Unfortunately Buds Pro only works on Galaxy devices whereas Buds Live work in most current Android phones or iPhones " That is incorrect. Please do not spread misinformation.

                                    The Buds Pro work on most Androids as well, you need a Bluetooth connection and android 7.1+. you just need to download the Galaxy Wearables app.

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                                      • 22 Feb 2021

                                      I got the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro for free, so honestly I can't really say anything bad about it. But I love it.

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                                        • 22 Feb 2021

                                        I have to say this review is pretty lacking about the details...
                                        How does ANC, audio quality and call quality stack up to the competition?
                                        Which features is limited to Samsung phones?