Flashback: not so weird car branded phones, part 2 - Lamborghini, Ferrari, Spyker, Porsche

21 February 2021
The amount of Ferrari-branded phones seems unlimited, but rival Lamborghini got into the game as well.

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The Acer liquid Ferrari shape had further potential. Nice

  • Anonymous

Where is Vertu Signature Touch Bentley??

They sell car shaped phones on ebay but they are your basic talk and text variety.

  • Supercar

You omitted the upcoming phone from Carl Pei (ex-OnePlus CEO): The Nothing Skoda 000 !!!

  • Gaston

You forgot to mention the Tag Heuer one Lamborghini Edition

Marco M, 22 Feb 2021In part 1 you included one Ferrari branded Motorola, the Mo... moreDamn, that's a lot of Ferrari-branded phones from Motorola 😁

  • Anonymous

Any OEM consider about Perodua edition for the phone? Maybe Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra Perodua edition?

  • AlienKiss

I have a Sharp GX25 Ferrari Limited Edition. Still working after so many years.
I don't know why, but from time to time I switch my daily driver to it and let me tell you : closing a clamshell phone is so satisfying.. Especially a sharp phone because it has a hinge that makes a cool cracking noise when opening and closing.
Also, a lot of people stop to ask me if it's real and where can they find one :))

In part 1 you included one Ferrari branded Motorola, the Motorola RAZR maxx V6 Ferrari, but there has been more.

Motorola Ferrari (XT621)
Moto G Ferrari
RIZR Z8 Ferrari Edition
Motorola i897 Ferrari Special Edition

Those ultra luxurious phones are always ugly as hell... beside gold plating in terms of design they are in the same level as cheap chinese knock-off toys: weird shapes, tragic usability, low-level hardware inside.

If I would spend more than 3k Euro on a phone I would rather buy device in terms of usability and THEN spend rest on some fancy gold/diamond watch, ring or something if I want to show off with gold stuff in front of fake friends...

Definitely familiar with Porsche Design BlackBerry phones. Even though I never try BB10 OS to date, I do still like the phone design. Speaking of Acer and Ferrari though, Acer also made a Ferrari-branded Windows notebook. I remembered a college roommate of mine used one.

  • Anonymous

"We do miss the days when phones had the luxury of looking silly. Today's black/gray slabs can get pretty boring."

Me too...

  • Anonymous

1+ McLaren gone brr

  • AnonD-973296

they look so cool. i wish there was a Formula 1 or WEC style of these