Deal: the Galaxy Note20 5G is a whopping £400 off in the UK

20 February 2021
It may have been a very bad deal when it launched, but now the situation has changed.

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Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021Samsung has had obscene offers like this in UK/US Shamef... moreMost importantly they use snapdragon processors for US variants and we get peanuts Exynos processors. Even in midrangers. Exynos 9611 and 7904 was really painful. Thankfully we have great options in Redmi Notes and Realme Pro series. Amazing camera and great hardware for great pricing under 300 dollars. Hopefully it repeats with Redmi Note 10 series. Waiting for Realme phone with snapdragon 732G/768G/765G as well.

Import Mi 11 from China and for just an $100 more, you get so much more phone

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It has the old exynos chip, plastic back and a 1080p screen of course it had dropped the price it was never worth 950£ when it was released.

Is this US / China version? If not still overpriced
For exynos is really overpriced. Lask great Note was Note 4 then is just crap with Exynos

travis999, 20 Feb 2021It's still £500 over priced, and it will run like an o... morei hate it when i see false comments like urs
no this doesn't happen and never had I've owned almost all kinds of Samsung's soc flagships for years and they've always gave the same performance ugh atleast i have never noticed any drop over time for years 1 year minimum so don't try to say something wrong out of hate

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The bronze is actually pink!
Bought the Note20 5G for 450 euros in December. Decent price for what it offers.

Makes sense this huge discount.

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Still very expensive , it should be less than 500€ ,no one will buy a plastic toy with garbage midrange soc and midrange display at 500 EUROS

greycounciller, 20 Feb 2021£549 without VAT. £650 with.Gsma these days man!

£549 without VAT. £650 with.

It's still £500 over priced, and it will run like an old 2010 phone within 6 months

Finally a price that's worthy of this phone lol

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The Android Freak, 20 Feb 2021Incredible stuff. Sad that India doesn't get Snapdrago... moreSamsung has had obscene offers like this in UK/US

Shameful they do nothing in india like this, at most they give you Credit card offer from HDFC and thats it

Incredible stuff. Sad that India doesn't get Snapdragon version and this offers.


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With Exynos 990 inside, it's still to expencive.