Huawei Mate X2 official unboxing video shows off the phone and its rich retail package

22 February 2021
Yes, there's a charger in the box - a 66W charger than can be used with laptops. There's also a headset and even a cool protective case.

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Samsung Z fold 2 could never relate 😓

  • Anonymous

FreezeGame, 22 Feb 2021Failed attempt at copying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Ugly,... moreI've personally had Samsung's fold 2 to use for a week, I hated the crease, it was awful. Then I had the software to deal with, it was worse. Huawei's UI has always been smoother and more user friendly, not to mention cameras that are far better than any other phone company.

  • Anonymous

FreezeGame, 23 Feb 2021Precisely! The Mate X2 is just a bad buy across the board. ... moreThe Samsung fold 2 is terrible. I didn't like it, the crease in the middle of the screen is very visible. Huawei's version is a lot better looking already. Plus, they always take samsung's idea and make it better just to troll them.

No it's no way that it's better than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The only way Huawei is surviving is imitating the competition and that corner situated pill shape cutout on the outside screen is just horrible than the ever symmetrical dotch on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (which IMO may not be a permanent solution to the camera placement but atleast is much much pleasant in terms of aesthetics which should matter if you're paying >2 Grand on a smartphone. Although on the Z Fold 2 the Folding Screen camera is awkwardly placed, atleast it's present unlike on Mate X2 where there's none. And the nerve to price it $2300 when it doesn't even have proper Android support and just hanging by a lifeline... Bad business strategy, Huawei! 🙄

How are the hinge and screen working together ?
Is it like Motorola's folding phone ?

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021>dying company >charges 1000 dollars more than the c... morePrecisely! The Mate X2 is just a bad buy across the board. Way too expensive for what it is.

So happy I pre-ordered the Galaxy Z Fold2. Not only did I get a crazy combo deal, it's undoubtedly the best device I've had the pleasure of using. No regrets.

  • Anonymous

ThunderCrackR, 22 Feb 2021Yes, I cannot understand how could they patent Motorola... moreMaybe they have a deal with Motorola. Cross licensing and such.

  • Jagganatha

First things first: TERRIBLE packaging designed to break phone if possible by placing it at the very top of the box protected from the outside world only by a thin cardboard boxtop!!!!

I have no doubt that it is marvellous- none whatsoever, but our chances of getting one in perfect condition with the cameras and lenses and image stabilization working perfectly are practically zero.

In a huge box like this any phone or camera for that matter should be in the centre of the box in a preformed foam rubber insert. How hard can in be Huawei?

  • Anonymous

>dying company
>charges 1000 dollars more than the competition


Now thats whats u called a foldable phone but the price is to much...

  • Woohoo

Trishit, 22 Feb 2021The screen on this one doesn't fold as much as that of... moreIs that an excuse??
At the end of the day, all that matters is that it is a foldable device no matter how they fold it & it looks good with not much crease, and also UTG wud be much appreciated

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021meh~ its affordable and far more cheaper than iphone 6 ... what

  • Anonymous

That wedge design is not ideal. If you want to have that periscope camera that has to have a deep pocket than make an island like other phones. This would drive most people crazy to look at laying open on a table.
Good for them for including headphones I and a power brick. But why not increase the battery to at least 1.5 of what most phones have, unless they are relying on people carrying the charge around.

What a silly trend these super chargers are!

A 66W charger that can be used with laptops? Sounds like a fair deal to me.

As for the unboxing video, I see no crease from the middle screen when unfolded so far. This looks interesting.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Feb 20213000$?? Why would they ask for 4000$ for?? meh~ its affordable and far more cheaper than iphone 6 ...

  • MKL

What happened to outward folding phone? They said it was soo superior compare to Samsung's inward folding and ended up following Samsung's path. Now take out the headphone and charger please and make all the phone in the world same.

  • dickson

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021An already dead company wouldn't develop and sell new ... moreit only close and less at western country, but other than that still full of it coverage and shops... so i dont think it dead :)

  • sayabosanhidup

HoosM, 22 Feb 2021The first real foldable phone... no gap. Clever design... s... moregoing to buy this or perhaps
wait for a more boxy design

especially with that nice+near to flawless design
with fast charging n ultimately 10x optical zoom

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021hey!! at least they didn't remove the good stuff, char... moreThe X2 has no selfie cam with a $5 headset which costs $2,800. The Z Fold 2 does come with a charger.

Failed attempt at copying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Ugly, huge bezels inside and out. Likely full of backdoor trojans. #keephuaweibannedforever #huaweispy