Meizu 18 specs leak, Snapdragon 870 for the vanilla model

22 February 2021
There's a triple camera setup with a 64MP primary shooter as well as Flyme 8.3 based on Android 11.

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  • Pago

Of course they're going to bankrupt ..all Chinese companies try to sell their phones at iPhone prices .. They're still alive because of the huge home market but now you can get a Samsung cheaper than their rubbish.

An ex Meizu fan

  • GetOut

Anders, 23 Feb 2021Haven't these guys gone bankrupt yet? ShameThe real shame is you waiting for them to go Bankrupt 🤮🤮🤮

Haven't these guys gone bankrupt yet? Shame

  • tkSteveFOX

Looks like Meizu will continue with the no Premium flagship strategy.
The 18 will be against Redmi K40 and the Pro will be against the vanilla OnePlus 9.
Again, Meizu will bet on better display and aesthetics than the competition, which has always been great in my own opinion.

Meizu, please bring back the old "slim bezel" design from older models like 16T

I will Never buy a phone without a charger period. Many options to choose out there.


Always loved Meizu design but their decision to completely abandon the international market was probably the nail to the coffin. Then again, they're not the biggest company out there so maybe they had no other sensible choice.

I think Meizu is dead, almost 2 or 3 years never put out a cheap smartphone again. But the flagship? You will lose Meizu.

  • AnonD-909757

DenDan, 23 Feb 2021Nobody cares about meizu, since they never give updates, no... moreAt least they made good designs with the 16 and the 17.

  • Anonymous

DenDan, 23 Feb 2021Nobody cares about meizu, since they never give updates, no... moreMeizu has had profits with phones lately.

  • DenDan

Nobody cares about meizu, since they never give updates, no development around it and phone value drops like water in a rainy day.

Other than no good camera, no good audio speaker, no features at all to diferenciate.

  • Anonymous

It has cam hole in the middle.
Few photos have been on internet for while.