Itís hot, itís Nokia Tube live

09 Apr, 2008
Nokia Tube, the latest and highly rumored exceptional Touch phone, is no longer a rumor as live images of the device leaked today plus some details about the device feature pack. Nokia Tube runs on the...

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  • Trimane

Oh wow this phone look so koolllll. I wish someone would buy it for my birthday. "Anyone?"

  • Anonymous

its look like the X1 but X1 is better 1000 times

  • chinmay

The looks are like iPhone and it can't beat iPhone on touchscreen technology. Apple is way ahead of this nokia

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson fans are totally disrespecting nokia everytime they get the chance. try to be more mature. btw for the record, this phone is gonna kick xperia out of the curb. iphone is cool, but its features suck. symbian os just need lots and lots of 3d upgrades.

  • evilcruze

nah...nowea close to x1.u gotta do better den dat nokia!this ph is still in wonderland...iam gonna stick with my se x1

  • sos

should a phone be made of gold? Nokias good strategy is that a phone should be handeld with one hand easly, and thats why they didnt want to concentrate on touch screen (which after my own experiences its unnecessary to have in a phone), however nokia is a leader even in touch screen phones already 4 years ago like 7710. And best of all Nokia is always full of features. Nokia is anyway number one, they have always different phones for everyones taste. for example nothing untill now can be campared to N95, which i had before. now i have tytn2 and it sucks.

  • kaldren

Nokia is the best ever...ingorance is blist, you ppl dont know the half of what nokia can do, you just judge by look, pic and is much more. All you haters are just ignorant to the features...i had 13 phones before and i cant live without my nokia. i got 5,ooo applications on my computer that i can install on my nokia phone...which other phone can do so much things....

  • storm

the phone looks pretty good but does not have features like the i-phone. the i-phone is much better and cool. nokia best of luck in the future.

  • Anonymous

should a phone be made of gold? NOKIA

  • Pachi

This is not the real Nokia Touch.I am just dissapointed by the screen res.

  • a2z

nothing new
same phone different look
this is what all nokia about.

  • khan ...............

good depend upon the price?

  • Stan

Sony Ericsson's Xperia comes September so this phone is doomed before it even comes out. This phone has amazing features, but the design, oh come on Nokia... Your phones are boring... Brick and ugly, looks plastic to me. Whatcha think?

  • nick

right well im a huge nokia fan, i own an n95 and i think its exeptional.

This phone is still going to be years ahead of sony erricsons because nokias just do SO MUCH MORE!

the feature list is a cliff compared to the curb of a pavement, being sony erricsons.

but i really do think that if they did want to start some kind of touch screen revolution then this phone really should include multi touch at a minimum.

  • saad

xperia looks better.iphone is good too.this one looks like a toy like all other nokia phones.

  • Dani

Nokia 5800 Media Xpress


  • antz

its called nokia xpress 5800

  • Anonymous

guys guys guys!

what will you gain for being a fanatic of a particular brand?
will they give you a free phone? will they actually give you a loyalty award for that? become their officer? what? what? what?

no point in killing each other over it. It doesn't matter who invented what first! let the manufacturers battle it out who is the best amongst them. That is actually good for us (consumers) as this would mean that each manufacturer would try their best to put as much features in the least expensive device to compete for market share.

Companies should serve us, not the other way around. We pay for their product! only a moron would actually pay for an expensive product and blame other manufacturers for producing better device at a reasonably low cost.

as for this phone, this is actually not out yet. It looks promising, but ill have to wait for the product review. But it's definitely an advantage that nokia started producing touch based phones to make the touch-screen UI market would be more competitive.


  • Brightmon

Pls dose anybody know when Nokia is coming out with its own dual sim or is it out already? Reply me someone.

  • rookie

Samsung has already launched F490 and F480 with full touch screen + haptic keypads, there's nothing new or exceptional with this Nokia model...