The Redmi K40 will be a gaming phone too, with 300+ Hz touch sampling rate and gaming accessories

24 February 2021
The accessories include clip-on shoulder buttons and an external fan to keep the Snapdragon 888 chipset cool.

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  • MasEnha

I see that many people complaining about 3.5mm jack. And the blunder is always comparing 3.5mm with BT. C'mon guys, you have missed that we have a better option from 3.5 and BT, that is USB DAC. Check for ex Fiio products. You have said that BT is nothing than 3.5mm, but for me 3.5mm is nothing compared to USB DAC/Amp, at least the one coming from phones.

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021blackshark is not owned by Xiaomi, it's seperate compa... moreYup.. that's true but GsmArena makes their readers / viewers confuse about that because all Blackshark phones are put on the Xiaomi's phone list. Not on separate brand.

Samsung and sony should use this.

Uncle D, 24 Feb 2021Agree! I don't want to pay more for getting this din... moreBased on your "Favorite Devices" list, I really hope you are kidding.

And in computer, there are those concepts called "Retro-Compatiblity" and "Back-Compatiblity", which is the exact reasons why Intel CPU still follow the 80x86 architecture, we try very hard to make sure softwares that used to run on X amount of previous generations keep working well with new hardware.
This is also why even top end motherboard have multiple 3.5mm Jack and even sometime a P/S2 port, with the only exceptions of totally outdated tech being replaced by BETTER ones with NO COMPROMISES, like how SATA was better in every ways than IDE and didn't have any drawback.
This is why any smartphone can still use Wi-Fi A, or Bluetooth 1.0 or use 3G data.
Also, as the Nth iteration of a billion-year-old life model, I guess you are totally agreeing that the day we make robots that are completely autonomous and able to invent things and build more of themselves, we will delete this old meat and gross body fluid bag that you are to lets those brand-new robots exist, right?

If the "prehistorical" Jack is good enough for the Music Industry, where the highest quality is a must, then it is more than enough for you.
And if it was outdated, there wouldn't be expensive high quality equipments released with it on a regular basis.
There is more 3.5mm Jack compatible stuff than Bluetooth stuff by order of magnitude.
And if there is one thing that is old and outdated, it is for sure Bluetooth, it is the biggest security weakness of a smartphone, what about we ditch the Bluetooth and make it an optional USB-C adapter thing?

  • mr x

Demongornot, 24 Feb 2021People like you shouldn't even be allowed to have acce... morewhoa such big love letter but i agree with u for me 3.5 is excellent and still provided better audio than any wireless stuff and sd gives me extra 128gb over the 128gb that i own so i can save money and have more space yes, makes sense perfectly yes .. don't waste your time with that kid just want some attention from some one here

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021you are not getting both Hopefully all phones don't... morePeople like you shouldn't even be allowed to have access to the internet.
"No one" ? Yeah, sure, that's why on EVERY poll, the VAST MAJORITY (well above 70%) say they want and even do use wired tech.
I don't care what is your preferences, you can like whatever you want, it's fine, but ruining something for other people, EXPECIALLY when it does literally no arm and that you can perfectly just ignore it and not use it totally fine, THAT is not acceptable, the 3.5mm Jack DEOS NOT prevent you from using Bluetooth, not having one DO prevent many uses, including non-audio related things.
The same is true for SD card, if you don't want to use them, just don't use them, for the little space they take, it doesn't cause anything wrong, both Jack and SD card slot space don't have any meaningful impact on battery size, and they cost pennies.
The Poco F2 Pro is a great example of how the 3.5mm Jack doesn't add any downsides to the phone, it is one of the cheapest smartphone with the Snapdragon 865, it has a pop up camera that is often criticized for taking space, along with a 3.5mm Jack, a HUGE cooling solution, almost all features that one could want, 4 sensors on the back, and with all that it has more battery capacity than other phones with similar size (thickness included).

If the 3.5mm Jack and/or the SD card slot were expensive and/or added downsides, yeah, sure, making as many phones WITHOUT them to bring balance between those who have and those who doesn't would be nice, but it isn't the case.
It is exactly as if you were complaining that a game had its developers wanting to add colorblind options, something that you can perfectly ignore and doesn't change the game experience AT ALL for you.

Here is a set of rules that ALL smartphones except in rare justified cases should follow :

*If it can be perfectly ignored by the user, doesn't add much to the cost nor bring downsides, it should be included.
Examples : 3.5mm Jack, IR Blaster, SD Card Slot, Wireless Charging.

*If it is slightly intrusive, meaning that the user can notice it, but it doesn't cause any issues to the phone use, and/or it is a bit expensive (though, not much) or add some drawbacks, then it should be optional and have a good percentage of phones with and without it depending on its usefulness.
Examples : Independent SD Card Slot, Big cooling solution, fan, pop up/flip up/slider camera, bezels.

*If it is quite intrusive, meaning that most users notice it, and it has only small impact on the phone use, and/or it is quite expensive and/or add some drawbacks that can't be ignored, then it should be optional but in the rare side of things depending on the demand but still exist with enough volume easily have a bunch of phones available with this tech.
Examples : Underdisplay camera, second display on the back, 3D face recognition.

*If it is highly intrusive, meaning it is hard to not notice it for many users and has a big enough or severe impact on usage, and/or it is highly expensive and/or add some serious drawbacks, then it should be rare, not too rare, just enough, so it is included with multiple other options so everyone has a chance to find its ideal mix of features, but should be kept from interfering negatively.
Examples : NO Jack, No SD Card Slot, Curved Edge Displays, Notches, Punch Holes, Foldable, Rollable, portless/holeless phones, proprietary solutions when a standard exist.

  • anonymous

please same prize china and global version.same as in advertisement

"Gaming phone" + punch hole = Epic Fail.

  • MrDong

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021The iPhone is crying somewhere in the corner stuck at 120hz... moreI have a phone with 240Hz touch sampling rate (a Samsung) yet my iPhone 11 with only 120Hz responds to touch a lot better, even screen accuracy is also better. There, people only looks at the numbers and dismisses the actual case use scenario. Not to mention the screen (not touch) response rate.

  • Anonymous

Android--Master, 24 Feb 2021How can you call it dinosaur tech when it is better than an... moredoes it not just add more to its value?

Uncle D, 24 Feb 2021Agree! I don't want to pay more for getting this din... moredinosaur technology that cannot be surpassed by modern technology
I am not aware of any BT codec that can transfer the same amount of data as a 3.5mm jack, apart from the fact that BT headphones consume about half their bandwidth, to stay connected to the device, apart from the background noise generated by the devices. BT headphones are a cancer, although they have already managed to reduce it a lot, even though you probably only use your headphones for calls and to listen to music with 96kbps

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021Apple? LOL ... Wireless will never be on pair with wir... moreWireless will be equal to wired

Our understanding of wireless principles are to blame

Once we understand quantum mechanics etc more we will have the same instant experience

Lots of things in physics already interact almost instantly things that aren't "touching"

  • Anonymous

damn hole punch display....

Uncle D, 24 Feb 2021Agree! I don't want to pay more for getting this din... moreHow can you call it dinosaur tech when it is better than anything else on the market?
What are the disadvantages of having a jack or micro SD card?

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021you are not getting both Hopefully all phones don't... moreAgree!
I don't want to pay more for getting this dinosaur tech 🙏🏻

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021The iPhone is crying somewhere in the corner stuck at 120hz... moreYes I left that ecosystem after getting tired of begging for latest tech inside. Every feature would arrive so late.

  • DEMorgan

Mauro, 24 Feb 2021And... No more pop-up camera? :(If Xiaomi ditches the pop up camera it'll be such a shame, especially for fans of the pop up mechanism.The K series is one of the few was that still retain the pop up.

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021Hole. In the middle. I'm out then

  • Anonymous

seanwhat, 24 Feb 2021As long as there is no notch I'll be happy.Hole.
In the middle.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021Old technology is choke hold for future innovation, and mus... moreApple? LOL ...

Wireless will never be on pair with wired.
Iphones do not even the best codecs seen on android phones. Any phone with android 8/9/10/11 can use LDAC.

Airpods are inferior to the buds from other brands.
Less battery endurance, ridiculous hair dryer design and weak ANC.

Must be nice when a bad update bricks the device and people have no choice but sending phone to repair instead of doing software repair at home because you cant plug the phone.