Flashbacks: the phones that revolutionized mobile cameras, part 1

28 February 2021
We look at the phones that were the first to reach important milestones in the history of mobile phone cameras.

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Maybe worth to mention Nokia N8, with the xenon flash and very sharp 12MP pictures, 1/1.83"

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I actually Don't find what I was expecting here.
It's all so empty please author rewrite it again.
It could really matter a good article.

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And what about Qtek (now HTCs pocket pcs, or handheld devices .

Honorable mentions:

SonyEricsson K750 - First phone with multi-megapixels and autofocus. Enabled the fact that phones can carry usable camera.

Nokia N93 - First with practically desktop-grade usable video recording capabilities at 480p.

LG Viewty - First with actual slow-motion video at 240fps.

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This article is a stub.. The history of cameraphone is so rich yet so little make it to the article.. I suggest the author take some time and redo it properly.. 1st cameraphone, then skip to 1st 12MP? Where is the first 1MP? First 2MP? First 3MP? First 5MP? First 8MP? First phone with led flash? First phone with xenon flash? First phone with both led and xenon flash? First phone with mechanical shutter? First phone with variable aperture? Just please redo it.

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React 2 Gadgets YT, 01 Mar 2021I think it was LG with the 16 MP sensor, not the Oneplus 6T. LG used analog pixel binning. Analog pixel binning isn't only possible with Quad Bayer sensors. Certain Bayer sensors support it, too. Actually, dual pixel sensors use pixel binning, too as they actually have twice as many pixels. By the way, digital pixel binning is the same thing as downsampling/resizing. Though there are different ways of downsampling.
The first phone with digital pixel binning was the first phone that let you choose a smaller resolution, nothing special.

  • beep bop boop

beep bop boop, 01 Mar 2021and yet they say the phone industry is a very "mature ... moreTBH i dont think the phone industry will get any better if this continues, next thing u know, we are building the phones we buy like Lego

  • beep bop boop

Demongornot, 01 Mar 2021Funny part about the HTC One M8, is that not only the camer... moreand yet they say the phone industry is a very "mature market". i would say we have gone in the opposite direction in terms of value. OnePlus shook the market with its Oneplus 1 for $250(?)and its price to performance ratio was off the charts and now their phone have gotten more expensive ($899 launch price for OP8 pro) and their image is pretty much ruined at this point, they have lost the name "flagship killer" to other companies (Xiaomi, Redmi). same logic would apply to other companies- apple, samsung, huawei etc. This is as far as my knowledge goes, and just how i see it

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021HTC was much earlier...Which HTC phone are you talking about?

A mention of the Nokia 9 PureView would have been nice. Conceptually it was a superb idea. The choice of image sensors was disappointing, and the SoC wasn't ready for the tech yet. Also, never mind the terrible QC issues on the Nokia, especially software.

Funny part about the HTC One M8, is that not only the camera used for depth is the same resolution as the main one (as I always said it should be), but with its 4Mp it is actually double the resolution of the 2Mp one everyone use nowadays.

So, between curved edge display plague, display with notches/holes, the lack of sensors that it caused when we were so close to normalize 3D face recognition sensors on most phones, lack of 3.5mm Jack, 2Mp sensors, lack of IR Blaster, lack of dedicated SD Card slot or SD Card slot in general, lack of stereo speakers...
How many steps backwards in total the smartphone industry have taken already?

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Ellen dale, 28 Feb 2021The smartphone cameras have developed so much over the year... moreI don't get what all the fuss is about with this GcAM app. I don't see it taking any better photo's than the stock camera app on my Galaxy Note 9.

Nick Tegrataker, 01 Mar 2021I've seen some Youtube comparisons as well as some ful... moreVivo is getting serious in the camera game. Love it, more competition.

Been waiting more Mate 40 Pro camera comparison. Also, would like to see P40 Pro+ vs S21 Ultra camera, as their FL versatility about the same, hard to find people properly compares between those two.

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Nick Tegrataker, 01 Mar 2021Sorry I meant 5T, not 6T. 5T was released before V30 (and i... moreHTC was much earlier...

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Bondel, 28 Feb 2021Nokia is the bestThey're so good they don't even need to make decent phones anymore.

React 2 Gadgets YT, 01 Mar 2021I think it was LG with the 16 MP sensor, not the Oneplus 6T. Sorry I meant 5T, not 6T. 5T was released before V30 (and its ThinQ edition) which was the first LG phone to come with software pixel binning mode.

nokia 808 and sony z5 series both used multi-aspect sensors. that technique was using full sensor either in 4:3 or in 16:9 with no crops! as a 16:9 format user, I hope recent flagships bring back this multi-aspect ratio.

Nick Tegrataker, 01 Mar 2021"The Nokia 808 PureView was the first phone to use pix... moreI think it was LG with the 16 MP sensor, not the Oneplus 6T.

"The Nokia 808 PureView was the first phone to use pixel binning"
No. OnePlus 6T is the first phone to do it using software (if I remember correctly), while P20 Pro is the first one to support it at hardware level.

"Nokia's whitepaper called it 'oversampling', but the idea is the same"
Nokia's PureView technology is based on downsampling, which is fundamentally different from pixel binning in the way it works.

why not include ericsson t68 with it's optional camera module?