Instagram's TikTok clone Reels is now available in the Lite app in India

24 February 2021
You can watch them, but you still can't make them - you need the non-Lite app for that.

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TikTok and IG's Reels are both tools which enable Narcissism (Look at ME!!!). Those who lack the confidence or don't feel attractive enough to partake in the narcissistic behavior ultimately become envious sheep (followers) of the very people who have the personality disorder. It's just a sad cycle.

While mentally disturbed people continue to dress up in front of a camera, heavily indulging in self-importance, I'll continue to mask up, go outside, and respect social distancing.

The mold was broken when you were born. Be yourself. Be different.

pete, 25 Feb 2021Nothing but copy cat and the name reels, no thanks. Try som... moreIt's not even a copy. It's just a tiktok share channel. Nothing else.

  • Anonymous

Is india the country that promote illegal competition the most? oh no it's USA

  • pete

Nothing but copy cat and the name reels, no thanks. Try some originality next time in place of greed.

Reels is still only tiktok videos anyway. So ig should just delete reels. 2 out of 100 videos aren't tiktok rips.

Amazing information you provide. I love reels and I frequently use that.