vivo X60 series nears global launch, bags multiple certifications in the process

25 February 2021
Indonesia, India and Russia are just some of the countries that certified vivo’s phones.

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  • Anonymous

Will the pro + version be available in Europe?

  • Anonymous

I'd like to own that x6 Pro+ Iam experiencing a good performance of x50 Pro as we speak

  • Woohoo

Their pricing is all over the place.
They charged INR.50k (~$675+) for the X50 Pro w/ a fricking 765G
& 35k for the non-Pro w/ a 730G

Why hasn't Samsung used Exynos 1080 in any of their own phones?

Definitely want to see the X60 Pro+ goes global. We don't have that chance with the X50 Pro+ and X30 Pro before.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yes Exynos is shidd

Loses 44% perfomance after 5 Antutu runs and straight up doesn't play in some emulators.

AMD won't help it either

Waiting for Nuvia powered Snapdragon.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021Yeah.. they're reserving high-end model v60 pro+ which... moreThe x60pro is a lot more expensive though even in China. The X series from Vivo and Reno series from Oppo never really focused on value for money and they are aimed mainly at offline customers who don't care too much about getting the best specs for the price

  • tkSteveFOX

Looking forward to getting one.
X30/50 have been great phones for the price.

  • Anonymous

Dani2018, 25 Feb 2021With exynos chip no thanks. Better buy s21 series in this ... moreYeah.. they're reserving high-end model v60 pro+ which powered by sd888 for China only.
N giving us underpowered phones at flagship prices which don't have basics for a flagship like Qi n IP ratings, ufs 3.1 nether stereo speakers.

With exynos chip no thanks. Better buy s21 series in this case .