Huawei P50 series will be the first to use Sony's 1" IMX800 sensor, rumor claims

25 February 2021
The P40 series had 1/1.28" sensors. Samsung just announced a 1/1.12" sensor, this Sony sensor will be larger than both of them.

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  • ddong

gms??? if i have a gms, i will disable all the google apps. coz it stupid in the bakcground activity. what wrong with hms huawei, i have p40 pro plus,,, its okey, all major apps it already there. what gms stupid... appsgallery no problem for me for banking, whataps, grab, fb blablabla all its there, and its growing now..

Dolphin-Ayyan, 26 Feb 2021Huawei never disappoints in cameras/battery/design.but with... moreNot just would, I bought P40 already. Came from Mate 20 with GMS. Honestly, its not affecting me at all. All apps I need from banking apps & major Google apps that I need working just fine.

Camera quality? Splendid.

Huawei never disappoints in cameras/battery/design.but without GMS Why would anyone buy this!

Rev-9, 26 Feb 2021can you tell me what would be the binned pixel size for 12.... moreRoughly 3µm, assuming that this will be a 3:2 sensor.

  • Walid

Hopefully , Google pixel put this gigantic sensor ,its gonna be a tremendous camera phone .

Current Top 17 :)

I: 1" Panasonic CM1
II: 1/1,2" Nokia 808 PureView
III: 1/1,28" Huawei P40, P40pro, P40pro+ Mate 40, Mate 40 pro, Mate 40pro+
IV: 1/1,31 Vivo X50 pro+, Vivo X60 pro+
V: 1/1,33" Xiaomi Mi Note 10 pro, Mi10T pro, Mi 11, Galaxy S20ultra, Galaxy Note 20ultra , Galaxy S21ulta
VI: 1/1,43"OnePlus 8 Pro
VII: 1/1,5" Nokia Lumia 1020
VIII: 1/1,7" Huawei Mate 30 pro (vagy P30pro)
IX: 1/1,72" Meizu 17, Xiaomi Redmi Note8 pro, Redmi Note9 pro
X: 1/1,833" Nokia N8
XI: 1/2" Xiaomi Redmi Note8(vagy 7)
XII: 1/2,33" Samsung Galaxy K zoom
XIII: 1/2.4" Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL
XIV: 1/2,5" Nokia N82/N95/N95 8gb
XV: 1/2,55" Samsung Galaxy Note 10(IPhone 11 pro)
XVI: 1/2,9" Nokia 9 PureView / Xiaomi Redmi 7
XVII: 1/3" IPhone X

Nick Tegrataker, 26 Feb 2021I'm not sure what you mean by "better" here,... morecan you tell me what would be the binned pixel size for 12.5MP one-inch sensor? 3 micron or smaller?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021No it doesn't Chinese phone hater. Xperia 1 II has wo... moreTell me what is it that you don't like about it that makes it the worst? You have a problem shooting your own kid sitting in a pitch black room? Or you have a problem shooting your own kid or a pet jumping around in a yard while being in focus in every frame?

  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 26 Feb 2021Except the "real" 50MP Bayer sensor will be no ma... moreSamsung is all into specwars when it comes to their sensors. They are like ODM Chinese phone brand spewing out super specs and numbers left and right but in reality it's pretty much just above average. I wouldn't expect GN2 to make any serious jump in image quality compared to what they already have, it will be an evolution. It can have gazillion of stuff like SuperISO, staggered HDR puke effect and what not but none of that guarantees nothing much like with GN1.

  • Anonymous

What, 26 Feb 2021Yeah, the poster didn't reply because a sane person do... moreI was cloned in a lab

camera hierarchy , 26 Feb 2021The hierarchy of the best smartphone-based camera systems f... moreGN1 is as good as IMX 700

  • Anonymous


Anonymous, 25 Feb 20211ii does better than 8 Pro and Find X2 Pro. With much sma... moreI'm not sure what you mean by "better" here, but unless this is referring to good animal/human eye tracking AF, burst shooting or pro mode, I must say you're being absolutely ridiculous. Given how much Xperia 1 II suffers from inconsistent sharpness across the frame, lacklustre details in low light and rather poor video recording capability/quality in stock camera app, I would not dare to put it above any of the current Oppo/Vivo flagships. It just doesn't fare very well in auto.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021because quad bayers are fully inferior to real high megapix... moreExcept the "real" 50MP Bayer sensor will be no match for GN2 when it comes to SNR and dynamic range, as well as readout speed. Have fun with high noise level in low light and rolling shutter effect when you're shooting at fast moving objects.

  • camera hierarchy

The hierarchy of the best smartphone-based camera systems for the first half of 2021 (projected based on available info):

Tier-1: Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro+ (GN2), P50Pro (IMX800), P50Pro+(IMX800);

Tier-1 minus: Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro (GN2), Vivo NEX 5 (GN2), ZTE Axon 10Pro (GN2); Mate40Pro+(IMX700), Mate X2 (IMX700), Mate 40 RS Porsche (IMX700);

Tier-2: P40Pro+(IMX700), Vivo X60Pro+ (GN1), Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (OV48C), S21U (HM3).

  • art of buying Huawei

The art of buying a Huawei premium phone in 2021:
- The phones under consideration: Mate X2, P50Pro, P50Pro+

- What kind of buyer are you?
1) I am a kind of interested in owning a premium Huawei phone. Will wait for a review.
-- I suggest that you buy some other phones. A future Huawei premium phone owner will thank you for vacating this spot. Huawei will thank you for helping reducing the "traffic jam" in all the rush to order.

2) Huawei is my favorite and will pay the full price for its quality. If I can't get one after my best effort, I might consider other brands.
-- I am sorry I can't help you much here, but best luck in your pursuit of a Huawei premium phone.

3) I will only consider Huawei. Will be willing to pay higher price if I can't get one through normal means. I will wait for Mate 50Pro+ if all else fail.
-- You are the kind of person I can be most helpful. Here is my advice: Place 2 pre-orders with full payments as soon as the pre-ordering is available, one pre-order with one of your favorite online e-commerce sites (Alibaba, JD, Sunning, vmall), and another pre-order with your local Huawei flagship store. In the event that you get both pre-orders fulfilled, you can easily transfer the sale to a local buyer, or resell it online for a profit.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021If Huawei wants to limit the total sale volume of its P50 s... moreBut you can't blame them it's a phone to have. Huawei Fold X2 is a complete machine but price is a big factor for the new King

  • What

Android--Master, 25 Feb 2021Good one. He simply refuses to answer these questions. Yeah, the poster didn't reply because a sane person doesn't define themselves to a specific country, region or area because we're all from this world / galaxy and from a female tummy altogether so your argument is invalid so try better next time, master.

  • M

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021If Huawei wants to limit the total sale volume of its P50 s... morePal, there are nearly 1.4 billion people in China. You can launch a pair of socks for half that price, and I’m sure there’ll be a million people who’ll buy them.

  • Anonymous

Huawei knew without GMS their sale will drop significantly but to think Huawei still going, that mean China market still buy them a lot