The Framework Laptop is a modular notebook with easy to replace parts

26 February 2021
Supports modular ports, storage, memory, networking along with replaceable display, keyboard, battery, and mainboard.

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  • Anonymous

Looks like and ugly Mak Book.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021i think you are right on the intel part, but i think modula... moreThat involving you get a higher spec graphics card to have that 4k display. So to save money initially, I'm going to upgrade both 4k monitor and graphics - extra two part wasted, could've just hold it longer, save the money and get what you want.

And if it repairability, non issue on the screen. Depending on the brand/model of laptop, changing the main PCB contains both CPU/GPU may not be that expensive than you think, and this part maybe just the only bad scenario. On the other hand, this low-volume vendor will be guaranteed to be pricey due to volume and design.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021Google stopped develop in modular phones because it is more... moreThe answer somewhat lies in your own reply. The more and longer it on the manufacturing line, the lower the cost become. To develop a minor multi-parts cost the environments more. And face it, when it become modular the overall rigid toughness and water/dust replant lowers, which increase the likelihood of faulty replacement - also worse for the environments. Not to mention modular will increase the profile size, which the larger the size, again the less rigid/toughness.

The ONLY part the vendor should still try to keep changeable that will benefit is the battery.

  • Anonymous

PaintNinja, 27 Feb 2021You replace the processor by replacing the motherboard acco... more , there're actually more than you think, especially in some specialized market.

  • Aaaa

Can We Put Cd Disk In It??

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021There is literally only one negative comment below you bruh !!Think I must've forgot to set some parameters on my time machine lol. When I type that comment, there are approx. 40 or so comments. When I checked back after I commented, there are under 10 comments. ;P

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021PR crap. Intel can't even keep their pin layout on des... morei think you are right on the intel part, but i think modularity has some amount of benefits.
Just think of the fact, that if you buy a laptop you can have the same model with 1080p and 4k screen. Already there you can have some kind of modularity.
So universal compatibility is good.
The bad thing with the modular phones was space management.
That killed everything xd

  • Wereweeb

Very good! We also need a repairability rating for laptops, like France did with Smartphones, to coerce the industry in the right direction

I agree that the expansion ports are kinda silly, personally I think you'd be better off selling adaptors/converters to USB-C.

I'd certainly be up for paying more to have a laptop I actually own and know I can keep for years - as opposed to those silly "premium laptops" with soldered everything and a locked down BIOS.

And yes, a 15/17-incher with socketable processors is possible, using Intel T processors or AMD GE processors, although it would be a lot of effort for relatively little gain. If you make a simple motherboard (E.g. making the USB-C ports, DAC, charging port, etc... a separate dedicated board), then the cost of the motherboard itself should be negligible.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021PR crap. Intel can't even keep their pin layout on des... moreGoogle stopped develop in modular phones because it is more profitable to sell a new phone every year than sell modular parts to repair/upgrade last year's. It's not only Google, it is evey big phone manufacturer you can think of. Good thing is that there are small manufacturers like Fairphone and this company that are trying to make a change. Not including a charger is not going to make a step in saving the enviroment, manufacturing less phone is gonig to. But again not profitable at all, so unless people's consumer mindset changes nothing is going to change.

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021PR crap. Intel can't even keep their pin layout on des... moreYou replace the processor by replacing the motherboard according to them. There's no socketable mobile processors.

  • Anonymous

PR crap. Intel can't even keep their pin layout on desktop, what makes you think they will do it on mobile? At best, people can upgrade or change faulty CPU on the same gen. That not to mention, they will never get the cooling right, unless they bundle with a high TDP fan to begin with. This is a gimmick where they can't afford to maintain stock level like the big vendor to have different spec, instead let the user choose in turn of higher cost and less rigid built.

Mobile space need to be rigid and have a sleek compact profile. Not a modular design. It does not make any product segment sense, and there's reason why Google stopped developed modular phone, and no other vendor advance it.

Cooling seems to be the usual weak spot. At least to me. The concept is nice, but I'd rather simply have a bunch of connectors instead of interchangeable slots for connectors - connector housing takes up space, which means fewer space for actual connectors in place.

I like the fact hat the modular ports are basically Type C OTG

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 26 Feb 2021And you cant upgrade the most important part:the gpu. NiceThat is because it doesn't have a dedicated gpu.

Andreidinutu, 26 Feb 2021And you cant upgrade the most important part:the gpu. NiceThat won't be simple due to the cooling solution.

Jaeger, 26 Feb 2021There are limitations to that, like thermals and cooling so... moreI can agree with that. After all, only the desktop tends to have a much more sophisticated cooling solution.

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021Upgradability is overrated. Once you build a PC or Lapto... moreJokes on you anon, I keep upgrading my desktop every year with newer parts.

wongwatt, 26 Feb 2021By somehow convincing people that buying a low spec phone w... moreThe CEO of Fairphone himself admit that to have the ability to change the phone's chipset would not be easy as the part is soldered. Phones aren't like a laptop or a desktop, that's for sure.

This is, without doubt, the Fairphone of the laptop world. I definitely hope that there will be an option for Thunderbolt 4 port and the pricing is right.

  • neo

This is the laptop of future, but this project will eventually die out. Just like the modular phone because big tech company (such as some greedy fruit tech company) want you to buy a new laptop when your current one die.