The Framework Laptop is a modular notebook with easy to replace parts

26 February 2021
Supports modular ports, storage, memory, networking along with replaceable display, keyboard, battery, and mainboard.

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  • Anonymous

Back to the roots, yay! I like it!

Now, make one in 15" and I will consider getting one. (Not only more screen to work with but also more space for internals!)

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021You are joking, right? Just before most manufacturers went... moreExactly, for an industry that's removing chargers to go environment friendly, it is just hypocrite behaviour that they don't even allow to replace battery.
My new Msi gaming laptop has no battery slot, and possibly what you mentioned about RAM and HDD may also be correct... In contrast, my ten year old Dell Lappy has it all..

Before asking, "What's this industry doing?" I would rather ask, "What are these customers smoking?". But its ok, majority of these customers are likely to be just 20~ something people, so you know, its understandable.

But the industry is capitalism, and it was never environment friendly from day 1. And now, they're not even consumer friendly any more, I dare say.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021You are joking, right? Just before most manufacturers went... moreAnd they havent done a bad job of it - doesnt look ugly bulcky and actuallay has good specs

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 26 Feb 2021And you cant upgrade the most important part:the gpu. Nicecpu is most important than gpu anyway

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021Upgradability is overrated. Once you build a PC or Lapto... moreYou are joking, right?
Just before most manufacturers went full planned obsolescence just few years ago, you could upgrade everything on your laptop.
On my own old laptop (now used as a secondary Linux laptop) form 2012, during the years i upgraded my RAM from 4 to 8 GB, changed the old single HDD for to two SSDs (swapped also the unused DVD drive for a 2nd SSD). Also changed the keyboard, when it malfunctioned for a new one, all by myself. Even the Wifi & Bluetooth module and the CPU (for more cores) are user replaceable on it (cleaning is also easy from inside). That was standard that time. Upgrading your laptop to keep it up with the times, was normal & economic, until few years back. That's why MANY people did it.

Today you can't even upgrade your RAM and SSD on many modern laptops, just because they soldered them on the motherboard. Who came with this crazy idea? Not that they got any cheaper, with this anti-consumer practice... But this creates now even more electronic waste, thanks to the planned obsolescence (if something brakes after warranty, it will cost almost as the laptop itself and you have. So people will choose a NEW laptop again, instead of changing the part the broke...).
I can't believe that are people out there, that are also cheering up for these decisions.
The producers of the "Framework Laptop" went definitely into the right direction.

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021Those are the best they can make with the materials they co... moreSo acquiring a better soc that enables the phone to keep up for more years would have been an ethical issue?

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Andreidinutu, 26 Feb 2021And you cant upgrade the most important part:the gpu. NiceThe GPU is part of the CPU. Onboard graphics.

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That’s pretty cool ngl

And you cant upgrade the most important part:the gpu. Nice

  • Anonymous

Sam.Smythe, 26 Feb 2021Wow. Such negativities on this side. And lots of hypocrites... moreIt's probably different groups of people with varying opinions that you're just lumping together.

  • Anonymous

wongwatt, 26 Feb 2021By somehow convincing people that buying a low spec phone w... moreThose are the best they can make with the materials they could acquire with the least ethical issues.

Lol.ivan, 26 Feb 2021Then how in the world fairphone still making modular phones?By somehow convincing people that buying a low spec phone with limited upgradability is saving the planet...

  • Dogspurt

Hopefully they will be successful enough to expand into tablets and smartphones.

Very clever, I like it.
But Framework will have to survive for the modules to remain available - it's going to be a tough sell.
Unfortunately I suspect it won't be around long enough to reach these shores.

  • Anonymous

Some people already said it but while this is a good idea, I don't think this will took off far.
First of all, all that upgradeability will cost you some money since there will be lots of different and unique parts that needed to manufactured. Not to mention this will make the laptop rather bulky compared to others in the market. Seriously guys, try to held the latest Macbook Air M1 and you will see what I'm talking about. Don't underestimate the visual design of a laptop/device. Just look at how much people complain about bezels on todays phone.

Also I read the other comment about parts availability. Manufacturing parts that only get sold on small number plus the cost of keeping them on the storage in case there are people who want that particular parts down the line is obviously not economically viable.

Interesting. I think this is the perfect time (or a bit early) to start doing this. I noticed that there is an increasing amount of space to be found in laptops despite having larger batteries in recent years. A powerful mobile system can have internals similar found on the iPhones or Apple M1 devices.
All the industry needs is to agree on a standard for display/kb/speaker/battery/etc/ interfaces and IO shield and where to put them inside. It is such as waste to throw away a functional laptop just because it is obsolete.

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Not sure about this one

  • Anonymous

Weak offering

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Okay this is amazing god bless the USA


Finally someone figured it out... I wish them all success