The Framework Laptop is a modular notebook with easy to replace parts

26 February 2021
Supports modular ports, storage, memory, networking along with replaceable display, keyboard, battery, and mainboard.

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  • Anonymous

Even though it looks like a good idea on paper, in real life scenario is very hard to implement.
First, your average type consumer will not know all the parts inside that laptop. Yeah, everybody knows a cpu, gpu, ram, maybe storage options. But what type do you buy for your laptop and how will you know they will be working good together? As good as the original combination at least. Remember, this is not a tower case PC, where you can move freely and in almost every combination possible.
Secondly, you need stores to provide people with enough options for the parts. In other words you need to be able to find those parts quickly and in a wide variety of stores. Nobody wants to wait 2 months for some particular part that broke down and needs changing.

Again, this is a good idea, but it needs a lot of work to be implemented.

  • Anonymous

soo much proprietary parts

  • Anonymous

The 3:2 display is amazing. I hope this is a sign of future trends in laptop display aspect ratios.

  • pan

remembering project ara....
imagining, that i have the freedom to put a flagship soc, with sensors that take advantage of its power...
a chassis that can be changed anytime, so i can have a glass phone now, a metal phone tomorrow, then a sturdy polycarbonate phone...
then a 4k display without a notch or punched hole, front firing speakers...
then sideload apps or buy one for audio and video goodies...
ah, no... business is business...

  • beep bop boop

this is such an amazing idea, being able to change ports, RAM, storage etc is awsome! i hope more companies like asus, dell, hp etc follow suit. would make for a sweet project

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021Upgradability is overrated. Once you build a PC or Lapto... more"Upgradeability is overrated".

Says the average Apple fanboy.

  • Anonymous

Sam.Smythe, 26 Feb 2021Wow. Such negativities on this side. And lots of hypocrites... moreThere is literally only one negative comment below you bruh !!

RK.1997, 26 Feb 2021Will it have replaceable GPUs of Nvidia and AMD too?There are limitations to that, like thermals and cooling solutions. Sadly, dedicated, high power GPUs are off the table, for now.

very interesting.

Will it have replaceable GPUs of Nvidia and AMD too?

  • PiCosm

This is great, expect the keyboard that lacks an inverted T arrow key layout. Hope the keyboard can be swapped out.

Good attempt. We need these more often than brand new laptop every other year. We practically replace laptops only when it stops working after 6-7 years due to display issues, keyboards, battery, graphic card issues. If we can replace it ourselves, nothing like it !! Way to go!!

If for nothing else, it's a laptop we can use as a reference when we all sue the shizzle out of Apple and the gang for SOLDERING storage and RAM onto the motherboard.

  • Anderaz

Laptops used to be upgradeable, once. Also, if you wanted to upgrade your cpu you just had to buy another one and install it, instead of having to replace the entire motherboard.
Sure, you had to ensure the new component was compatible.

  • Anonymous

Love the idea of changeable ports!

  • Anonymous

Looks amazing

Wow. Such negativities on this side. And lots of hypocrites too. If it's not upgradeable nor easily repairable, y'all cried "PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE!". But when there's a newcomer offering you modular, upgradable, and easily repairable something, y'all bemoaned that it will not succeed, blah blah blah blah blah.

Can we just stay positive and wish them success? This news for me is like a breath of fresh air where almost all laptop nowadays have soldered RAM and everything, with a few exceptions of mid-low and low-end laptops.

  • Anonymous

Upgradability is overrated.

Once you build a PC or Laptop, you stop upgrading for 5 or more years. By that time, you will most likely throw out all the parts. The mainboard need new ram type, your storage is filled to the brim, new cpu for the new mainboard.. your screen is all scratched up, the keyboard is dusty... your gpu need changing..

And at 5 years.. they still have to be selling these parts for you.. if not your screwed.

So just saying such project is not gonna work.

  • Anonymous

Fantastic concept but I'm betting it'll be way more expensive than a traditional laptop

Fantastic product. Hope they execute well and hope to see other SSD/Network/RAM companies follow suit.