Twitter announces Super Follows and Communities features

26 February 2021
Super Follows is the company's first premium feature.

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Solun1, 26 Feb 2021Twitter is not supposed to be neutral, it's someone�... moreWell Twitter like most corporate companies want to keep their monopoly, they make sure to get other competitors banned or employ various industry practices to remain the sole monopoly.
Recently they showed Ladakh to be a part of China, when it is part of India (no disputes). Just because they are a private company, doesn't mean they'll straight up resort to BS.

It makes sense they're monetazing the actual users instead of their data because we're unwilling to sell it anymore with anti-tracking and ad blocks. They have to get their funding somewhere and it's not ads anymore.

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 26 Feb 2021What about censorship? This is the no.1 problem pertaining ... moreTwitter is not supposed to be neutral, it's someone's website and the owner has rules, if you don't behave, get out. We might not agree with it but if you don't like that website, simply stop visiting and go somewhere else or create your own website with no rules.

What about censorship? This is the no.1 problem pertaining to social media sites.
Twitter has been turned into an echo chamber of narratives, narratives that are decided by Twitter.

  • neo

so twitter is trying to be the mainstream "0nlyFanz".

Dang it! Guess no more free majestic arts to see and also porn...

This turning into Onlyfans wtf

Let's twitter!