Verizon's LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW is now receiving the Android 11 update

26 February 2021
It's only the second LG model to be graced with last year's software.

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mr x , 02 Mar 2021im glad for u my friend it is a shame that i lost love that... moreI don't think that your opinion should be based on phones that are that old, it is like looking at Samsung through the perspective of Note 7 😁 but I understand, that failing devices can kill the mood... my LG phones lasted well, but looking at potentially sad news of current state and future of LG mobile is upsetting... but I will move to Xperia 10 III or Xperia 5 II either way because of subjective needs being met by them 🤔

  • mr x

Blogietis, 28 Feb 2021I see that the Desktop Mode has improved and in general LG&... moreim glad for u my friend it is a shame that i lost love that i had for the brand after 3 lg flagship phones failed on me . lg G2 G4 and G5 g2 screen issues , g4 overheated very much out of no where and the screen burned , and g5 my last lg phone all the sudden started to say that the charging accessory you can removed which is the speaker by the way * not genuine * . purchase a replacement and was the same i got that mad that i broken it now i use samsung A71 no flagship any more midranges now days have betetr battery back up and at like flagships now days very happy with it the battery last 3x times than any of the other phone ia have had

  • Dp

Got it yesterday. Killing my battery life

Sami, 28 Feb 2021Dear LG make 2 lg v70. One, v70+ with all the bells &... moreI guess you missed the news that lg is looking to sell its mobile division...

I see that the Desktop Mode has improved and in general LG's skin is already really good, that is cool 😎 LG is still slow with software updates but their quality seems to be improving which is a good sign 💪

  • Anonymous

Matt James Paradise, 28 Feb 2021When will the v40 get 11?I guess it will never happen which is very unfortunate. I like this phone.

  • Sami

Dear LG make 2 lg v70.
One, v70+ with all the bells & winces. Like SD888 having 3 great camera. One of those will be periscope lense & 140/90 hz UHD display 6000mh batteries. With a 800/ 850$ price tag.


And another on V70 with SD-870, 2 big sensos & optimize prosessing. 60hrz,1080 OLD, 5000mah, priced around 550$

- & retaing the quad dec audio + manual video
- make a lighter UI kind of like oxygen os but not a copy. Make unique beautiful Lg like UI 💙. ** so it can be easily to updated for 3/4 year.
- creating a good marketing strategy & listen to the tech reviewers & consumer.this will change the entire LG Mobile divisions Business.

Lg is an great company for it innovation & hardware quality. But now we are leaving in an era where software dominates a lot.

Looking forward to see the LG's marching come back ❤️❤️

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021bootleg S10 but yeah looks better with rounded ends more i... moreIt was the V40 that started the horizontal camera design in the first place, followed by both the Galaxy S10 and the V50 5G that was launched at the same duration.

Note7 owner, 28 Feb 2021My T-mobile V60 has Android 11 update. Are there people who... moreMaybe. Just look at Google - any Pixel owners out there will get the latest OS version update right after the day it was officially launched.

My T-mobile V60 has Android 11 update. Are there people who wait for new Android versions for bragging rights?

When will the v40 get 11?

  • Anonymous

Wake Up LG Mobile, 27 Feb 2021I forgave LG after my G4 Bootloop and bought the global V20... moreXiaomi and others make up for timely support by being the data siphon of China.

  • Anonymous

I like LG a lot, they make fine phones.

But the software support... I refrain myself from commenting on that, but "bad" would be very kind way to call it.

Sometimes it feels like LG hired 1 person to do all these android updates for all their phones worldwide...

  • Amro

When will LG V50 get android 11?

  • Wake Up LG Mobile

I forgave LG after my G4 Bootloop and bought the global V20 ( only had 1 update to Android 8.0 while Koreans had Android 9.0) and again I persevered and bought the G8x as I love my Quad Dac & Dual Screen.

However, I am not holding my breath for Android 11 for my LG G8x which I imported as I cannot get the Compatible V60 5g bands to work in Aust. and have to settle for LTE on the G8x.

Congrats LG; to being crowned undisputedly by many as the worst in Software updates for major manufacturer, Xiaomi, and Oneplus are miles ahead, even when comparing with 2nd tier Chinese no name manufacturer LG record for update is just shameful. So many people I know just refuse buying another LG mobile because of the poor updates and lets not forget the Boot-loops which they took no responsibility; unlike the Samsung took action with their Samsung Note7.

On top of that LG had a really mess-up marketing team; where they just don't market their phone at all globally to people who actually wanted to buy one and like the hardware (me and peers) with the V60 & cannot buy them; unless you are in Nothern America notably you are out of luck.

Another example; when they release a Dual Screen Velvet model and expects people to buy them, became another flop as you cannot buy the Dual Screen Accessory, they only the phone in Aust; makes no sense at all?

Add on top of that; rather than concentrating on releasing globally and support for updates of their product they go spend gazillions on 1st generation while innovative products; it is of little use to them financially e.g Wing (flop) and Rollables (guarantee another flop, to be fair as any first generation tends to be & need time and lots of money to refine, which LG Mobile cannot afford....just look at Samsung Fold 1st Gen or Motorola Flip).

Poor Marketing, Poor product support and spending like crazy to chase innovative 1st Gen product is not a strategy for sales and profit for a struggling manufacturer; so wake-up LG, start off by updating your software that you promised will be different in 2020 and beyond... yet same old thing happens again.

RIP LG; I guess this is Goodbye from me and my last LG :(

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021no bro s10 copied lg v40 but without fingerprint reader so ... moreOh, I see.

  • Anonymous

Too bad so few could even buy a V60. Shame on LG

  • Anonymous

Tech nerd 333, 27 Feb 2021Reminiscent of the galaxy s10, right?no bro s10 copied lg v40 but without fingerprint reader so lg is first then both lg v50 and s10 came with same back but v50 also came with fingerprint sensor back and s10 with in display fingerprint and samsung fans and paid reviewers said lg v 60 copied s10

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021The back looks elegant.Reminiscent of the galaxy s10, right?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021The back looks elegant.bootleg S10 but yeah looks better with rounded ends
more ironic considering both companies are korean lol