Realme GT 5G visits Geekbench, retail box surfaces with a familiar design

27 February 2021
It's arriving on March 4 with a Snapdragon 888 SoC and 120Hz AMOLED screen.

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  • Anonymous

Huge box, Huge phone. Next plz

The Android Freak, 28 Feb 2021There won't be pop-up camera set up apart from Asus Ze... moreI wasn't talking for myself, just letting you know this kind of people exist, and I'm not gonna buy a phone with outdated SD 855/865.

Duan, 28 Feb 2021The official price teaser for realme gt is below cny 2999 a... moreThe 2,799 for the k40pro is basically just for marketing as they have very few of that variant available. Basically they are likely to be the same price for the 8g 128gb variants. Very similar phones with similar price tag. Maybe the Redmi will have a slightly better screen and the Realme will probably have a better camera set-up

SEUL8TR, 28 Feb 2021Typical S888 Want the S888+ , that's 15% more torque ... moreA 855 would be more than enough for you.

  • Anonymous

RMB 3000 for Snapdragon 888
This 2021 there will be a lot of happy gamer with SD 888.

Typical S888
Want the S888+ , that's 15% more torque and power.

Shadocx, 28 Feb 2021But some people prefer LCD displays, side or rear mounted f... moreThere won't be pop-up camera set up apart from Asus Zenfone 8 series. Remaining will have this trend of centred punch hole or corner punch hole.

If you do not like it, then Redmi K20/Moto One Fusion +, Redmi K20 Pro and Redmi K30 Pro, and One Plus 7 Pro and Asus Zenfone 6/7.

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 28 Feb 2021Most probably the IMX 686682 most probably.

YUKI93, 28 Feb 2021I'll wait to see if this Realme phone will go global b... more50 to 80 dollar extra.

  • hh

Just upgrade X3 superzoom with same or better cameras from S
21 ultra and keep all other specs and price, that would be the best phone of the year and kill all other flagships of the year.

I'll wait to see if this Realme phone will go global because that kind of spec for just $460 is just too good to be true. That price tag might be in China only, bring it to other continents outside China and it could have a completely different price altogether. I'm just going to be a bit cautious and not going all hyped on this phone for the time being.

Really looking gorgeous.its a great news..

  • Anonymous

Realme bringing affordable flagships

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 888 under 500$....Wow

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021Somebody know sensor type have? Sony? What number. Telephot... moreMost probably the IMX 686

  • Anonymous

360hz sampling rate like redmi k40 series???

  • Anonymous

Chambroso, 27 Feb 2021You read the article, right? You have seen the leaks and of... moreYou look nervous

The Android Freak, 28 Feb 2021Realme should launch snapdragon 732G/750G/765G/768G powered... moreBut some people prefer LCD displays, side or rear mounted fingerprint scanners and no hole or notch.

Anders, 27 Feb 2021€385 in China but you can guarantee it will be literally do... moreRealme should launch snapdragon 732G/750G/765G/768G powered devices under 350USD everywhere around the globe with amoled display and I display finger print scanner and 30Watt fast charging and centred punch hole.

  • AnonD-966113

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021s21 ultra is the same, & it costs 1400. I'd love t... moreUm. There are literally dozens of extra stuff 21 ultra offers wtf?
I mean I get it...u love simping over realme but stop being this blind lmao.