LastPass for Android has seven built-in trackers, security firm warns

27 February 2021
LastPass says that it doesn't give out sensitive user information.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Even more stupid. Hahahahaha. People use password managers ... moreBackups exists and most people that use these are savvy enough to make a separate file that is encrypted and is backed up in multiple places.

Those are the people who are used to old school methods like drag and drop and also back up their files offline and not cloud only.

Very far from the genration spoonfed by Apple and their it-just-works OS.

  • sean8102

Hey look! Another reason besides the new single device restriction on free users to move to Bitwarden. Which I happily did, took all of 5 mins to export then import all my Lastpass data. Got my Bitwarden browser extension, desktop app, and Android app. All syncing for free.

  • AnonD-985481

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Even more stupid. Hahahahaha. People use password managers ... moreYeah and you can remember hundreds of super complex passwords without one? Sure...

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 28 Feb 2021You all must definitely be kidding me... Ok, I got a sugges... moreThere's still many apps on the play store that are GSF-free and ad and tracker-free. Just enable filters. But F-Droid is much better

Dometalican, 28 Feb 2021Install Blokada, enable always-on VPN, enjoy.Since Blokada uses built in VPN function, we can't use Netguard to block specific apps from accessing the internet.
So, its a problem if you wish to use both of these, I wish both these merge into one app, since they're open source it might as well happen...

You all must definitely be kidding me... Ok, I got a suggestion. Try installing the Aurora Store and access Play store using Aurora only...

Now, tell me any one app that doesn't have a built in tracker, whether its a FB based tracker, or Google, or anything for that matter.
We've far lost the privacy battle, due to the evergrowing new generation of unaware users. Only those from the Symbian days blabber about it, and then go silent because no one's listening.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021PHYSICAL note, not some random app. like literal paper and ink.Even more stupid. Hahahahaha. People use password managers because they can't remember the passwords they create. How short of a time is it gonna take before people forget/misplace a literal piece of paper containing all their passwords. Hahahahahaha. Or worse, it might be even easier to be stolen. Haha. Some people just don't think. 😂

Akinaro, 28 Feb 2021""password manager app"" Just that n... moreok. i have opera, firefox, and chrome in my desktop main but there is convenience for me with Google/chrome once i sign in the browser and android. i have seen/heard Lastpass even before they started spending on advertising in youtube videos and if i'm correct, google started password manager in chrome just a few months after lastpass became much popular.

  • KeePass AllTheWay

Akinaro, 28 Feb 2021""password manager app"" Just that n... moreThere is a saying: If you can remember your passwords, your passwords are not secure.

You do not have to use a password manager that is connected to the internet. KeePass is a password manager that uses a local, strongly-encrypted password database. See for yourself, this app is open-source, free and available for Windows, Linux and Android devices.
Remember this: It is your choice whether you want to sync that password database via cloud services and if you trust Google Cloud, Apple Cloud or DropBox with that database. Preferably you "use your brain" and set up your own cloud service on a privately hosted server, like Nextcloud.
But if you do not want your password database to be accessible via the internet at all, then it must not be. If you have multiple devices, synchronize the database every few weeks via USB cable - this should not be a problem at all.

I had 8 months left from LP Premium, but I gave up, exported everything to Bitwarden and deleted LP for good. Bitwarden works much much better on Android... exceptionally well. Never miss a form field. Dark Mode, always getting updates.. unlike LP for Android that rarely gets updates or bugs fixes.

  • Bitwarden

Drop ((LastPass)). Use Bitwarden.

  • AnonD-985481

YUKI93, 28 Feb 2021Some people prefer convenience, so they don't want to ... moreThe point of password managers is actually security. Coz how else are you going to remember full ASCII, I don't know 16 characters long passwords for hundreds of websites? The fact they are 3rd party is entirely irrelevant. Bitwarden is open source and was audited on server side by 3rd party organizations. It's design also ensures only user has access to the vault. And if that's not enough and you don't trust 3rd party hosting, you can either run it fully offline or by setting up your own server and host the vault yourself. There is just no reason to distrust Bitwarden. It has proven itself many times.

  • AnonD-985481

[deleted post]Wtf are you even on about? What has this even to do with any of it in this thread?

gogus, 28 Feb 2021wow i have so much money in so many accounts, better give a... moreTime to go back to ur hole and wear some tinfoil hat. Be smart when creating password manager account, use email and password that never been used anywhere, use authenticator. Everything has its own risks and it's about managing and minimizing the risks.

Akinaro, 28 Feb 2021""password manager app"" Just that n... moreSome people prefer convenience, so they don't want to remember all the passwords.

  • Anonymous

You will be surprise by checking every app you have using ClassyShark3xodus.
My "tracker favorite" was Xiaomi Mi Home with 8=606classes trackers, and Viber with 12 trackers and over 1000 classes.
Even Bitwarden from the Play Strore has 2 or 3, so I downloaded a tracker-free version from the F-droid market,
also you can block trackers by using TrackerControl installed from the latter.

Google analytics and appsflyer are totally safe
These apps are used to track user behavior and send the data anonymously
I don't know about the others

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021No, text files that are non encrypted as not safe and is th... morePHYSICAL note, not some random app. like literal paper and ink.

  • Sean

LastPass is a joke. Awful security, UI and now less features for freemium users.
I personally use iCloud Keychain. Also recommend Bitwarden.

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Wow, you must have such godly memory to remember all your p... morewow i have so much money in so many accounts, better give all my money to a 3rd party because i can't handle my own shi*
that's how you sound
sooner or later people pay an expensive price for a tiny comfort
go look on haveibeenpawned to see how many website are compromised weekly , any website you trust with your personal data is a ticking bomb ready to explode