LastPass for Android has seven built-in trackers, security firm warns

27 February 2021
LastPass says that it doesn't give out sensitive user information.

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there are actually people trusting 3rd party to store their passwords ?
what a joke, your head is your safest bet

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Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021these password apps are a joke at this point. you might as ... moreNo, text files that are non encrypted as not safe and is the silliest thing you can do with your passwords.

There's keepass android and similar offline ones for those who do not trust bitwarden, which also has an offline function.

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Akinaro, 28 Feb 2021""password manager app"" Just that n... moreWow, you must have such godly memory to remember all your passwords of various combinations and formats, like a 20-character PW of alphanumeric Upper and lower case, numbers, special characters etc. Unless you use password123456 on all your accounts.

Ps. Bitwarden has an offline function and Google pw manager is an online one as well.

These things are safer than the default that is present on browsers.

""password manager app""

Just that name should be enough to NOT TRUST it... like how the F you can trust all your private account that have all your data and probably money to some random app that is connected to internet...

You have brain right? you can remember names of people, songs and movie titles but you cant remember passwords? Really?

zodiacfml, 28 Feb 2021now you have Lastpass and Google tracking you. I don't... moreIt's not cross platform. I don't use Chrome.

I never trust any password manager software. So I had to develop my own tiny app for this purpose. Maybe it's not so powerful but I know what does and what it does not.

The info on how to disable it is wrong. You have to open your profile/vault in a web browser (can be on your PC). Go to Account Settings, enable Show Advanced Settings, scroll down to Privacy and uncheck "Send anonymous error reporting data to help improve LastPass".

nick235, 28 Feb 2021so people actually trust a 3rd party password manager?I don't even use any kind of password manager at all in the first place.

This is why I installed AuroraOSS Warden* on my already-deGoogled phone and disable every tracker and logger from every installed app. You really wouldn't believe just how much tracker you can see in just one app alone! Here are some screenshots of Warden in action:


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Dometalican, 28 Feb 2021Blokada for the absolute win. I think the latest update fin... moreOr you just use slightly less aggressive list because a lot of them are just way too aggressive and block things they shouldn't.

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nick235, 28 Feb 2021so people actually trust a 3rd party password manager?Bitwarden has zero knowledge encrypted storage (similar to ProtonMail), meaning only users can access the data using decryption key. Bitwarden has also been audited some time ago by various 3rd party audit organizations ensuring it's secure and doing what it's promising. Everyone is blindly trusting everything Google does just because it's so big, but I don't recall a single time when Google had anything audited by 3rd party. All their "privacy" switches can literally do nothing at all and no one would know better. Yeah, we trust Bitwarden more than Google. Not to mention Google betrayed our trust several times yet everyone still trusts them. Bitwarden has never and yet people question it. Weird how that works...

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these password apps are a joke at this point. you might as well just wrote it down on a tiny note and keep it with you at all times, would be much more secure.

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nick235, 28 Feb 2021so people actually trust a 3rd party password manager?I know right. I know Google tracks us but i trust google more than 3rd party for sure.

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Kangal, 28 Feb 2021Hey GSMArena, please update this article. There literally ... moreMaybe turn off usage data access for this app from permission manager.

This is why one needs to always opt out of user experience improvement option in settings of various apps.

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I use samsung pass, much better.

Hey GSMArena, please update this article.
There literally is NO SETTING to opt-out or turn off these privacy trackers. I had a look at it myself. The Privacy Policy tab sends you out to your Web Browser to a link of another company to read it's policies. Again, there isn't a way to turn these off. I've checked it on Windows, Mac, and Android.


bitwarden ftw

What PRIVACY sub-menu is he talking about?!
There is NO such thing on the android app.

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use keepass instead 😉