LastPass for Android has seven built-in trackers, security firm warns

27 February 2021
LastPass says that it doesn't give out sensitive user information.

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  • MJ

Glad I left today, never felt better

now you have Lastpass and Google tracking you. I don't get it how this company survives considering Google has password managers

  • Anonymous

Most secure way to store passwords is with keepass locally.

  • Anon Guy

Just try better alternatives. Try Free and Open Source Software like Bitwarden (cloud) or KeePassXC(local storage)

b0urne, 28 Feb 2021I cannot find the way to opt-out of these trackers on Android...Install Blokada, enable always-on VPN, enjoy.

AnonD-985481, 28 Feb 2021Worrying about trackers on a platform that's literally... moreBlokada for the absolute win. I think the latest update finally fixed the internet connectivity issue they had but it is SO good at blocking trackers, ads, and malware.

As long as you add exceptions to the apps you desperately want to make sure they work, you're good to go.

so people actually trust a 3rd party password manager?

  • Joe

I believe in the golden rule of services: if something is consistently being advertised online by your favorite YouTubers - it's either a honeypot or just full of lies (I'm looking at you, NordVPN)

  • b0urne

I cannot find the way to opt-out of these trackers on Android...

  • Anonymous

Good thing I went with BW in the first place. i heard LP is now charging for previously free features.

I can't find anyway to disable that shit!

  • AnonD-985481

Worrying about trackers on a platform that's literally one giant Google tracker. Um, what? One way to counter that is to use Blokada or NextDNS with enabled anti tracking filter list. And be amazed how much junk they'll block...

As if there's anyone left who hasn't moved to BitWarden

Glad i left them.

I said bye to LastPass 3 weeks ago. Bitwarden is it.