Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 major leak reveals design, Snapdragon 678 chipset

01 March 2021
The display will be a 6.43” Super AMOLED.

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  • 01 Mar 2021

React 2 Gadgets YT, 01 Mar 2021Not to mention the 33W fast charging, stereo speakers, Ip52... moreIt's really a bargain, and everyone has been complaining about the chin.....to be honest for this price compared to what they bring to the table, we shouldn't be complaining, if u want super thin bezel then there's a price to pay guys, I think us a customers we're lucky to have Xiaomi and they try to deliver performance, quality and durability at a very low price.... sometimes we're ungrateful and ask too much from budget phone makers guys honestly 💔

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    • 01 Mar 2021

    We are expecting price will to below

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      • 01 Mar 2021

      SD 678? isnt the 720G from the RN9 series better?

        Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021all hail XiaomiMaybe 2021 will be the year of Xiaomi again, just like 2020. Hope Realme can come back and counter Xiaomi. Without Huawei, it is basically Xiaomi to take the lead. Since Apple and Samsung have became lazy because Of Huawei's extinction.

          domraym, 01 Mar 2021Realme is launching their product 2 days earlier because th... moreMaybe. Realme phones has been dissapointing these days. Realme 7 series and Realme 6 series are easily killed by Poco X3. Which is way cheaper and with better specs. Realme X50 Pro is also easily killed by Xiaomi Mi 10. Realme X3 Superzoom easily killed by the Mi 10T Pro. Realme dissapoints in 2020, while 2019, Realme was great. Realme X2 Pro and Realme XT easily kills Redmi K20 Pro and Redmi Note 8 Pro. Now it is the opposite. Hope Realme imoresses with the Realme 8.

          Redmi Note 10 Pro is definitely gonna be better tham Realme 8 Pro. As it is for Redmi Note 10 and Realme 8. Realme is using 90hz OLED and 90hz LCD for both while Xiaomi uses 120hz OLED and 60Hz Oled for both. Camera system i will say are identical, but Xiaomi has more modes to play with and have more Gcam Mods than Realme phones. Speakers, IP52, haptics feedback, NFC, IR Blaster will definitely be on Xiaomi. Software between Realme UI and MIUI is an preferable option.

            Thabo, 01 Mar 2021I think this is a descent upgrade from the last note 9, hop... moreNot to mention the 33W fast charging, stereo speakers, Ip52 certification

              Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021If they put an oled screen prices will jump Not sure. Maybe OLED 60HZ have gotten cheap where Xiaomi could bring it to the Sub Midrange redmi note 10. 60hz OLED costs as much as an 120hz LCD

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                • 01 Mar 2021

                all hail Xiaomi

                  React 2 Gadgets YT, 01 Mar 2021Xiaomi had me impressed. They improve everything for the 10... moreNot like Realme, which downgrades some of the previous features that are praised on the next generation phone

                  Realme X2 Pro - X3 Superzoom
                  1. Downgrade in charging speeds
                  2. Downgrade in design, build quality, looks, material
                  3. Downgrade in screen quality (colours, OLED, contrast, brightness)
                  4. Downgrade in speakers, NFC, cooling system

                  Realme XT - Realme 6 series
                  1. No OLED display
                  2. Downgrade in display quality (brightness, colours, contrast)
                  3. No metal frame even though it was more expensive
                  4. Has no features that competitors (Redmi Note 9 Pro and Poco X3) have : NFC, Stereo speakers, Rubbers around seals, good vibration feedback

                  Realme X2 Pro - Realme X50 Pro
                  1. Start price was doubled!!!!! Crazy!
                  2. Addition of 5G and 865 chip
                  3. Addition of ultrawide selfie lens
                  4. Downgrade in design
                  5. Updated 65W charging from 50W
                  6. Same mediocre cameras (for 2020, at 700 euros, no OIS and good ultrawide lens)
                  7. Same average quality OLED display

                  Realme 6 series - Realme 7 series
                  1. Vibration motor still very bad like Poco M3
                  2. 90hz on 7, 60hz on 7 Pro
                  3. No metal frame and Glass back on Pro and vanilla model
                  4. Cameras are the same, specs are the same
                  5. Same screens (except for the 7 Pro which has 60hz AMOLED)

                  I feel like Realme has become lazy. Hope the Realme 8 and Realme GT impresses me just like Realme impresses me with The Realme X2 Pro and Realme XT.

                    Realme is launching their product 2 days earlier because they know they have an inferior product.

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                      • 01 Mar 2021

                      I think this is a descent upgrade from the last note 9, hope this one will be priced as the previous model regardless of it having an amoled panel and better chipset, if the note 9 is this good, what about the pro and pro max??🔥

                      Ain't we getting an S version like 9s we got last year cause that one did great 🔥

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                        • 01 Mar 2021

                        its a pass. cuz of chipset.

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                          • 01 Mar 2021

                          super excited 😍

                            Xiaomi had me impressed. They improve everything for the 10th anniversary of the Redmi Note series :
                            1. Display (jumped from 60HZ FHD LCD to 60HZ OLED FHD, WOW!)
                            2. Cameras are the same, but improvements from the Snapdragon ISP will help, and Snapdragon chip supports Gcam, nice!
                            3. Battery, Snapdragon chips will have better battery life and the 33W Charger is an good upgrade from 18W
                            4. Stereo speakers from single speakers on the Redmi Note 9
                            5. Ip52 and Gorilla Glass 5 from the Gorilla Glass 3 and non IP Redmi Note 9
                            6. Same price? It's an dream.

                            Cheap phones are getting better.

                            Hope the Redmi Note 10 Pro has :
                            1. Snapdragon 750G
                            2. 120hz OLED display (please no LCD)
                            3. 108 MP HM2 Quad cameras with 13 MP Ultrawide like Poco X3 with Gcam support
                            4. Stereo speakers, NFC, IR Blaster, MicroSD, IP52, 5G, Headphone jack,
                            5. 5000mah battery with at least 33W charging (55W will be an huge surprise)
                            6. Price below $300 or maybe below $250 like Redmi Note 9 Pro

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                              • 01 Mar 2021

                              If they put an oled screen prices will jump