Carbon 1 MK II is first phone in the world with a carbon fiber monocoque

01 March 2021
This makes the phone quite light (125g) and thin (6.3 mm). Each carbon fiber shell is hand-molded by experienced engineers.

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  • Anonymous

JerryRigEverything is gonna have a field day with this one...

  • Anonymous

Sorry bro, i am not moved

  • Icpro

Nokia N9 was the first Phone monocoque

  • AnonD-961600

MarOMG, 01 Mar 2021NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Spending all those years for developin... moreDon't speak for everyone.
You can't afford it.
You don't like premium prestige.
You I also assume who dresses nor grooms to look clean fresh well dressed.
You don't eat or buy quality, but cheap.

Helio P90 was used in 150$ phones in 2018 ig

Nokia 8800 Arte is made with carbon fibre, Titanium, sapphire glass and stainless steel and metal.
£1100 it was in 2006.

MarOMG, 01 Mar 2021NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Spending all those years for developin... moreNot for people like you who can't afford it or has or likes premium quality craftsmanship or prestige.

Spending all those years for developing something nobody asked for is nonsense.

  • Zero

Why... why Helio P90 for 800 Euros?

Then... if the phone is not that strong, GG for that money.

Sad that they go the extra steps and fall short toward the end....
Nice to have a C/F body, but the choice of internals is not good. 12nm chip in 2021? on a $1000 phone?
Now as to why, it might be obvious... they are using a pre-made Chinese
ODM device and not many feature the latest SnapDragon processors. And you can't really blame the makers as they don't expect (nor are they capable) of producing mass quantities of the phone, so they can't really invest in customer designs for the circuitry.

But I would have really hoped they could have sourced a screen with symmetrical bezels... that MASSIVE chin is so 2017. the top is not so bad, and having the bottom as such would have a nice Sony-vibe.

Now, if only they could grab a Pixel 4a and remake its shell in Carbon Fiber!

That front view is exactly what I'm looking for in a phone. Slim top bezel instead of notch/hole, and squared screen corners instead of rounded. Though unlikely, I wish other manufacturers follow this front design.

It's like a 2017 midrange with carbon fiber and no charger to follow the actual trend.

  • beep bop boop

ngl the design is pretty sick

Cool smartphone, SoC is trash, other than that it is a nice phone for those who have spare money to afford something different...

all this crap just to save up about 50 grams? and only using a 3000 mAh battery.

  • Anonymous

this technological achievement deserves appreciation 👏👏

  • Wereweeb

Very nice. This is expensive because they can't yet mass produce it, but they need to show that this material is usable for smartphones.

So this is for people with more money than common sense, and that's fine. Let them finance innovation.

I knew it something unique cost more...gotta stay away

  • Rhyne Weisse

Pretty cute design.
but the charging time is disappointing. 1500mAh charged back in 30 minutes?

MTK isn't always bad but basically everything below the Dimensity line is bad.