Carbon 1 MK II is first phone in the world with a carbon fiber monocoque

01 March 2021
This makes the phone quite light (125g) and thin (6.3 mm). Each carbon fiber shell is hand-molded by experienced engineers.

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this rumours since 5 years.

Shame about the price, but expected considering how long it takes to make and all.

Carbon fiber is expensive af.

i hate everything but the front panel of this phone

Typical device that you read about, are impressed by, you'll watch the reviews, nod your head in approval, but you'll never buy it. lol

  • Bogus phone.

Other than carbon fiber. ..its a useless downright the worst phone with worst specs i have ever seen . Being such a company didnt they think going for flagship specs can give them a big advantage?? An absolute bad decision to release this piece of garbage.

Noice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The material is pretty much the only feature that's technological marvel otherwise pretty basic phone. To give a perspective of how light and thin this phone is compared to the phones with the same form factor:
Meizu 16 (the lightest): 152g, 7.3mm
LG V30: 158g, 7.3mm
Pixel 3A XL: 167g, 8.2mm
HTC U12+: 188g, 8.7mm
Asus ROG: 200g, 8.3mm

This is a very, very niche device that's obviously not for normal or tech-savvy consumers but it makes sense why it's so expensive.

Absolutely beautiful.

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React 2 Gadgets YT, 01 Mar 2021I think Poco F1 Kevlar edition was the first one. And, w... moreYou need to read the article carefully

IpsDisplay, 01 Mar 2021Your type is a dying breed close to extinction The media... moreDimensity lineup is fine but p90 is trash

rizki1, 01 Mar 2021better than gold or diamond.ofcouse not

Vic4BBM, 01 Mar 2021All the efforts go in vain when we realise that it is power... moreYour type is a dying breed close to extinction

The mediatek is always bad breed

With mediatek dominating market share globally

"Note: in case it wasn't clear, this company is unrelated to Karbonn Mobile."

Lol.. gsma, are you kidding me..! 😊

  • Alex

Why would you pack low end hardware into a top end shell??? Makes no sense whatsoever!

I actually don't mind the chipset but 3,000mAH battery and NOT coming with a charger was a terrible idea.

If they trademark this material, they could make money off of it but yeah, not for me.

wongwatt, 01 Mar 2021A Helio P90 in an 800 Euro phone? What are they smoking? ... moreyou forgot that carbon fiber.

better than gold or diamond.

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This looks like a Dell XPS phone

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Peter-B, 01 Mar 2021Kevlar is a very different material.Sharp Aquos Zero mark I is carbon fiber.
Not unibody style.

React 2 Gadgets YT, 01 Mar 2021I think Poco F1 Kevlar edition was the first one. And, w... moreKevlar is a very different material.