The Asus ROG Phone 5 will have up to 18GB of RAM, Geekbench scorecard confirms

01 March 2021
Previously we've seen versions with 8GB and 16GB. Would be buyers can now reserve a place in line to buy the phone over at

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  • Jake

What is the point having 18GB? 12-16GB is already a ridiculous amount on any phone. It will just make the cost higher. As a ROG phone user i never seen my RAM usage up to or beyond 10GB even for heavy gaming. I usually kill background processes of games to save battery life and i am no where near using that much RAM

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021I hope Fuchsia OS whenever it does even arrives, makes a be... moreIOS can't even do true multi tasking.
Android has features like second space, split screen multitasking which all need more RAM.
Your iOS system will lag like hell if these features were available in the background.
Lower tier iOS will never be as advanced like Android.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-985481, 01 Mar 2021So lazy devs can give even less crap about optimizations. I... moreGaming phones are ahead of regular flagships.

Keep your cheap cost cutting 3gb RAM phone to yourself

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021If 99% of PC games have enough with 16gb of ram, and a fast... moreROG 5 not cheapening out on components with 18gb RAM.
Premium product needs premium components.

  • Anonymous

Its amazing that Asus mobile phone unit can survive with just a handful of models for the past 2 years

[deleted post]You need to know the difference between "You're IQ is low " and that Your IQ is low. your so triggered right now, that your vocabulary got diminished lol.

SHAPESHIFTER, 01 Mar 2021Unless you are downloading useless apps 24/7 and let's... moreNot everyone will have similar use cases dum dum. unlike you, who gets tired from scrolling in instagram all day, some people take advantage of their ram, like multasking, heavy gaming, photo/video editing. oh and it's "sense"

Swarley1, 01 Mar 2021Sadly, the vast majority of dumb ignorants haters will not... moreYou have a point sir, apple does have this flare or shine to them. but still, their sooo overpriced. You know what i mean sir, right? their batteries are trash and their iss (not up to android flagships) the "retina display" is a gimmick it's basically a supersampled oled fhd+ display. cameras are decent, ios copied stuff from jurrasic age of android. so yes. i cannot comprehend anymore, wh people are so fond of this device.

  • Anonymous

Wait Asus is Taiwan based right? I might just buy this

MadMel, 01 Mar 2021don't you guys have PC ?Leave them alone, if they want it, they want it. whether if it is pointless or useless. and the point of flagships anyways is to improve everyear no matter how small or incremental it may be.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021Such an oddity, have you seen 10GB smartphones? feels simil... moreYeah, i think the Blackshark 1 had 10 gigs and also the rog 1 too

KondriX, 01 Mar 2021Ha, even my Windows PC has 16 Gb of Ram and I never used it... moreMultitasking, Heavy mobile gaming, Photo/Video editing, etc. The point of flagships every year is that, they improve in spite of being i dunno, useless or significantly pointless to you guys. and yes. Heavy mobile gaming may seem ridiculous, but hey if they want it , they want it.

  • MachineX

Proud to be asus customer 👍 i got my rog phone 3 is solid rock ! Cant wait for the next model 🥰 i hope the gadgets like dock tv still working 👍

This phone will handle a game of Candy Crush, no problems.

with this amount of raw power, they should install windows on arm as dual boot when docked to docking station, and then we can run full version of desktop apps with that, Adobe suite is started developing ARM version of their flaghsip programs, full blown office, and many more programs. if that happens, it's true that all the pc we need is a phone.
but i know that's not going to happen anytime soon 😭

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Remote Play is not emulation but streaming

The on Gran Turismo games you can emulate at the moment on phones is the PS1, PS2 and PSP version (PS3 emulation is too heavy for phones at the moment)

Just FYI I am active in emulation community, so I would know if this was any different as of today.

  • Anonymous

If 99% of PC games have enough with 16gb of ram, and a fast CPU and GPU are more important... then this 18gb ram version of the ROG phone is pure marketing and nothing more.

It's like the camera megapixel race, even cheap phone have now a 64mpx camera because it sounds good on paper.

But with a high megapixel camera you can at least use the digital zoom more agressively and create a lower resolution, but better zoomed in image.

Here we have 18gb of ram, I mean a friend of mine games a lot on his phone (esports games) and his phone has 12gb, he also does multitask a lot and still never filled the whole RAM by any means.

And before someone says this is to future proof the phone, software support wise and battery wise this thing will be long dead by the time we need that on android, IF THAT EVER HAPPENS to begin with.

Marketing, nothing more.

[deleted post]This comment made my day xD HAHAHA

[deleted post]9 apps to be exact, CUBOT P30,no bloat ware on there phones, facebook ect ect,love CUBOT Phones,been using them for 5yrs,I'm one of these ppl if you don't use social media then why should you have it shoved on your phone,il tell you why,Sammy ect ect get paid for shoving that crap on your phone just for you to disable it,ok that's fine,but it still takes RAM,

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021Such an oddity, have you seen 10GB smartphones? feels simil... moreYes, i have OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition with 10gb ram.