The Asus ROG Phone 5 will have up to 18GB of RAM, Geekbench scorecard confirms

01 March 2021
Previously we've seen versions with 8GB and 16GB. Would be buyers can now reserve a place in line to buy the phone over at

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  • Miaom

Bye bye xiaomi k40 pro with ur ugly punchhole buying this for sure

  • Simon

AnonD-961600, 01 Mar 2021My S21ultra exynos is overclocked rooted changed kernels, ... more65 celcius inside. Lol u r cooking ur battery bro.

Finally, enough ram. Now i can run pubgm, fortnite, asphalt 9, genshin impact and chrome with 100 tabs all at the same time and still have a few gigs free! Haha take that apple!

  • AnonD-961600

jamalu96, 01 Mar 2021Rog 1 had an overclocked(speedbinned) sd 845 2.96Ghz vs 2.84GhzMy S21ultra exynos is overclocked rooted changed kernels, all 8 cores running at 2.5ghz, all 8 cores are active no matter what. Gpu is clocked at 1100mhz.
75fps games
Temrature 65 Celsius inside but feels like 40 on outside. Absolutely no throttling, to justify 30% battery drainage is to compromise. It feels like a 3700 man now.

Probably still only 256GB of storage though 🤡🤡

  • AnonD-961600

beep bop boop, 01 Mar 202118gb RAM? i don't know if the SD888 can support that,... moreFirst of all, it is because of the way the operating system of the iPhone is designed. iOS is written in " Swift". While, Android, whose majority of apps and the system itself are written in Java. Android selected java because java is a virtual machine that helps to combine the OS code, enabling the OS to run on many devices and processor types with different hardware configurations from different manufacturers

Secondly, iOS devices do not undergo garbage collection to recycle used memory back to the system while closing the application.

Thirdly, Apple has more control over iOS than Google has over Android. Apple is well aware of what type of hardware and devices should be used in each operating system so that the iPhone operates efficiently and smoothly.

Not only android devices are bloated but the android applications also function in the background taking a lot of RAM's space to function smoothly.

The memory of Android is managed by the operating system. On the other hand, the memory of the iPhone is regulated by the apps themselves. The iOS does not permit the apps from taking RAM size according to their preference and then freeing it when no longer in use. In fact, the iOS apps allocate and deallocate memory as per their requirement, automatically.

Android is a true multitasking os, where people install over 40 apps needs running for true . Your PC you don't install WhatsApp, IMO, Ticktoc etc. Every apps takes up ram. Use your brain Common sense, that's if you have nor have either.

beep bop boop, 01 Mar 2021Asus ROG phone 1 and ROG 3 strix edition have entered the chat**Rog 1 had an overclocked(speedbinned) sd 845
2.96Ghz vs 2.84Ghz

Virtual memory maybe?

  • Rhyne Weisse.

Uhm... 18GB of RAM is a bit unusual. it's a triple 6GB sticks set I guess?

  • beep bop boop

Bigmeme, 01 Mar 2021First time asus is launching an rog phone without an overcl... moreAsus ROG phone 1 and ROG 3 strix edition have entered the chat**

This is like extra large table with few 5 or 6 books kept and over 85 percent empty area

Still not buying rog 4 lag phone!

I hope rog phone 5 will not have black crush issue on it's display and other software bugs like rog phone 3.

I can easily bet that 18GB RAM with Google Pixel ROM would be a real flyer.

First time asus is launching an rog phone without an overclocked chipset

don't you guys have PC ?

why would anyone need more than 6gb of ram on a damn phone (doesn't matter what kind of phone).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021Absolutely unnecessary other than adding to cost and more p... morefarther mostest betterer*

  • beep bop boop

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021SD888 can handle 16GB DDR5. yes that i know, but how are they going to pull of 18GB RAM (6gb RAM too much). also Geekbench had confirmed that this had 16gb RAM, now they are saying 18gb?

  • AnonF-964910

Bloody hell can I run video editing software on this thing?