The Asus ROG Phone 5 will have up to 18GB of RAM, Geekbench scorecard confirms

01 March 2021
Previously we've seen versions with 8GB and 16GB. Would be buyers can now reserve a place in line to buy the phone over at

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  • Yep right

coolboy101, 01 Mar 2021For what? That's the question 😳🤔🤔for brag it on.

  • Anonymous

This phone is joke.I see no point of existing this kind of phone.What is the reason for 18 GB ram?Autocad?Photoshop?None of those could work on the phone.Gaming?For price of this shortliving(max 3 years)thing,you could buy PS5,or some decent gaming PC.Its not that world is gone crazy,its the people who are crazy.

  • Anonymous

GaushikTECH Nerd, 01 Mar 2021Why would I even need 18gigs 😂 lolSuch an oddity, have you seen 10GB smartphones? feels similar to it.

We went from 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,16.

  • Never enough

Sweet, cant wait next year 24gb ram and 200mp camera. 😒

For what? That's the question 😳🤔🤔

Why would I even need 18gigs 😂 lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021SD888 can handle 16GB DDR5. Absolutely unnecessary other than adding to cost and more power draw.

12GB is far more better and offers a great balance, even you can play Wii games in Dolpin Emulator using 4K resolution and it takes almost 12GB RAM and it's the most extreme scenario.

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 01 Mar 202118gb RAM? i don't know if the SD888 can support that,... moreSD888 can handle 16GB DDR5.

  • beep bop boop

18gb RAM? i don't know if the SD888 can support that, and plus we can have max 16gb LPDDR5/4x RAM. it will be interesting to see how they pull that off

  • AnonD-985481

KondriX, 01 Mar 2021Ha, even my Windows PC has 16 Gb of Ram and I never used it... moreSo lazy devs can give even less crap about optimizations. I mean why bother optimizing anything when you can just throw more RAM at the problem? There is just no way phones would need more than 8GB at the moment when 16GB is a mainstream on desktop systems.

Wowowowowo!!! You see gaming phones are the cutting edge. Period.

Ha, even my Windows PC has 16 Gb of Ram and I never used it all.. Why would you need so much on a phone, really?