Huawei AppGallery now has over 530 million monthly active users

01 March 2021
The company has seen an 83% increase in app distribution, reaching 384 billion installs in 2020.

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Sada52, 02 Mar 2021I'm one of the few P40 Pro users from India. I abso... moreAbsolutely!!

  • Cid

MichaelHB, 02 Mar 2021Where i live, samsung is a huge bloatware trash phone, lg, ... moreSorry but it is becoming harder to justify your purchase of the very overpriced and feature lacking thing that the iPhone has become. It's 2021 and you still have the notch, no charger included for such an expensive phone (if you think anybody is saving the planet maybe they should aim for longer lasting phones). No fingerprint reader, the way to scan your face for face unlock is very user unfriendly plus it fails in certain light conditions or if you wear glasses on and off. The lack of a dedicated back button is simply annoying in iOS and even getting back home requires that you slide exactly at the bottom border.

Let's see, the interface for taking night mode pictures is absolute garbage, especially compared to how Huawei did it. This is without mentioning that the Android world is on 120Hz screens all over the place, keyboards that actually have the numbers on top (try writing SOME7H1NG on your iPhone). I owned iPhones since the 3G version, but I stopped around the iPhone 8 as I began experimenting with different Android brands. The current crop of iPhones is nowhere near the value provided by older iPhones, especially the 5 series. Oh and let's not forget the $1200 for a fully featured iPhone 12 Pro Max.

So my recommendation is:
Best camera: Huawei P40
Best overall phone: Samsung S20 FE Exynos
Best budget phone: Xiaomi Redmi 9

  • Marcus04

Sada52, 02 Mar 2021I'm one of the few P40 Pro users from India. I abso... moreI really agree. I also have a P40, and it' faultless and powerful. Huawei make some good stuff, and the App Gallery is good, however it lacks some of the apps one finds on the Android platform, such as Corona alert apps........

  • Anonymous

waiting for Harmony OS

They did a hit job claiming Harmony is a kind of Android copy cat

NO ITS NOT!!!!! it will debut in April

watch this.

Mikele, 01 Mar 2021People lie about their comments possibly for comment sake. ... moreI'm one of the few P40 Pro users from India.

I absolutely love it. Great camera, smooth display, no heating on heavy gaming, good battery back-up....etc (basically a very good all-rounder)

For the people that hate Huawei, I'm not saying it is the best phone out there but it is the best for some people.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021So who do you trust than? No one?Either all or none. It's not like we can verify if what these companies said abt their sales numbers are real or not.

right always, 01 Mar 2021Who believes in Numbers of some chinese Company..! don't believe some Chinese company but what about Snowden chronicles? US government is the real culprit and stole people's data more than any other organization in the world

  • MichaelHB

Where i live, samsung is a huge bloatware trash phone, lg, moto, nokia and sony only offer low & med end phones, other chinese phones offer trash cpu's like mediatek, Huawei is already dead since havenยดt google & many work apps i need doesn't exists in app gallery. My only solution: I'm on iphone, & never come back to suckdroid. My five cents gentlemans!

  • Anonymous

Why is this news? So what?

  • n3

does it have whatsapp?

  • Anonymous

MATE 30 PRO, 01 Mar 2021Sorry but I am a user of the App Gallery and it has nothing... moresorry ... I got the Huawei china's version of the phone and it is still on China's android system

That's already a massive amount of active users if we look at how young the AppGallery is

KimbraMe, 01 Mar 2021That's how your comment will remain anonymous. Look deeper. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Anonymous

Huawei app gallery is the best that could happen to Android devices. I really hope they will be able to release CIA/NSA backdoors-free Harmony OS sooner than later.

  • TeD

And of course, this number being given by Huawei, everybody must believe it because Huawei is well know for its honesty and probity...

I am happy and glad Huawei is still competitive company and a great competition to all other brands.

  • Kiril

Great,as a Huawei user,i think its decent, there's a lot of local apps and some popular ones,but there's definitely a lot of room for growth.Using it as your only source of apps leaves you with a very small number of options,but Apk pure is a good option,most essential apps are there and i do not miss Google services that much.

Sorry but I am a user of the App Gallery and it has nothing to do with the Google ecosystem. I don't have the apps I need, and the few that there are don't work because they need Google services.

The best thing that can happen to Huawei is to reach an agreement with the new Biden administration, of course. Of the 530 million users, 520 will be Chinese because Google Services have no penetration there.
It is so and it is reality.
Huawei has already fallen to seventh place in sales.

Nick Tegrataker, 01 Mar 2021I'm not seeing any Chinese characters in AppGallery at... moreSame here (mate 20x). Europe.
Only English.

Rev-9, 01 Mar 2021i want Huawei to survive and thrive because it is the only ... moreTrue ๐Ÿ˜‚