Here's how much the Galaxy A32 will cost in India when it launches there on March 5

02 March 2021
This is the 4G version of the phone we're talking about.

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React 2 Gadgets YT, 03 Mar 2021I will correct you at that one. Yes, the chipsets support i... moreI did say it when i am saying about hardware ,you misinterpreted it dint give the hardware that can utilise the chipset fully
Two types of condition
1) good chipset but low output hardware
2)low chipset but better output hardware
The ideal performance lies in proper balance..for example its useless that samsung gave 90hz amoled display with helio g80 which i think cant run it smoothly

React 2 Gadgets YT, 03 Mar 2021I will correct you at that one. Yes, the chipsets support i... moreI already said that in hardware part ,it gave better chipset but not better hardware as in this case sensors in support that gives ultimate better result...just a better processor doesnt make better phone...its like having ferarri engine in a tata nano hardware
And for samsung having an amoled 90 or 120 hz display or massive 7000mah battery ,higher camera wont make it good if it has a weak processor...everybody knows this,but it works both ways...i am not justifying samsungs move anywhere i already mentioned too weak processor in my first comment but people just dont see the other side of the picture

  • Anonymous

Great hardware but i cant.stand Samsung os

Bloudy Samsung price for this device A52 price 28999 A72 price 34999 no control for pricing

Tech pro, 03 Mar 2021Yes software can be fixed ,but they arent doing,are they?or... moreI will correct you at that one. Yes, the chipsets support it. But, can the hardware support it? Yes, HARDWARE. Can the 20MP Quad Bayer sensor take 4k videos? Can 5 MP take 4k? You need at least 8 MP to do so. The reason why companies don't put 4k120fps even though Snapdragon 865 support it, that's because the image sensor doesn't supoort it. The 20 Mp xiaomi sensor also does not supoort 60fps at 1080p, only 720p 120fps. So, it is hardware problem, not chipset. If that so, why is the $700 mi 11 stuck at 1080p 30fps? Stop complaining, that's an hardware, not because the company didn't want to unlock it.

React 2 Gadgets YT, 03 Mar 2021Software can be fixed, hardware cannot Yes software can be fixed ,but they arent doing,are they?or more than 1 android update? No because they have to push newer devices in market..they even slowing down old devices performance which happened with poco devices recently
Regarding hardware,yes they give better chipset and better charging ,thats it...plastic or galss back is subjective i think,moreover they are also making plastic build question is are they really giving the full of experience of the better chipset they put in phone? Not at all...for example sd 720 can support 4k60 fps on front cam but redmi note 9 pro as an example gives 1080 p only while M31s samsung have exynos 9611 wh8ch have 4k30 fps support and they give it fully 4k 30fps in camera

  • Random tech guy

Not value when compared to other phones under 22k rupees Xiaomi realme rule these areas the upcoming redmi note 10 can thrash this even the narzo 30 Pro can nuke this phone Samsung is just an option on this range for stupid people who just blindly buy a phone just simply looking at the price and asking to the shopkeeper “is it fast?” The obvious answer retailers say is Yes so don’t ever buy a Samsung A phone at these price ranges the A50 series is value but this isn’t DONT ever buy a Sammy phone without checking out realme redmi poco or Xiaomi in this price range

Over and out- some random tech guy

AnonD-987699, 03 Mar 2021almost all smartphone components and the rare earth mineral... moreI am a Huawei user but this is wrong. Optimisation matters a lot. In the previous devices, I used Asus 3000mah was outperforming Xiaomi's 4000mah.

Similar to as my Huawei device is presently outperforming Samsung .

Just that in the mid range, there are a handful of Samsung phones that are worth it.

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Mana, 03 Mar 2021Haha what a blunder from Samsung, they're still keepin... more"Awesome " at "Awesome Prices"

To be honest I feel like Samsung shouldn't sell A series phone in countries like USA or UK because of how high the tax is and then peoples complain that's the price is to high but they forgot that these A series phone aren't for you Americans or British people it's for Asians countries that doesn't have high taxes this phone may be way too expensive in places like the UK but in Asians countries like Thailand for example the prices of these A series phones are absolutely worth it.

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[deleted post]😂😂😂

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Tech pro, 03 Mar 2021Yeah their expectations that non chinese brand can match u... moreAds can be turned off.
Built in software experience is really good. Otherwise, nobody would have bought it. You look like from Samsung marketing team. You belong in same category who praise cheap Exynos CPUs that give terrible software experience in budget segment.

why anyone will buy this over m51 or F62 with same price, this might be for offline targeted device, those people don't think of chipset or camera of the device, just buys for look of the phone

  • guy

Helio g80 for 300 USD while Redmi 9 gets you that for 140 USD🤦🤷

I like the design

  • rubin

This phone looks classy. Would love if it came with a better processor.

The g80 chipset is unbearable nowadays. what are they thinking?...

  • commonman

others are proudly say their chipset name, but look at samsung
= hexa core chipset ?

  • AnonD-987699

Tech pro, 03 Mar 2021Yeah their expectations that non chinese brand can match u... morei dare you to compare each components from a samsung device to a xiaomi device , I'm pretty damn sure that samsung's cost of production will be almost 50-100$ cheaper than xiaomi devices ,
but the price always will be 50-100$ higher than xiaomi/realme devices.
and you call chinese devices as cheaper , what a bluff.

  • AnonD-987699

[deleted post]almost all smartphone components and the rare earth minerals are made/extracting in china, so samsung can import those materials and make a phone with samsung brand name , no problems at all , there is no ccp involvement right?
so what's your point dude ? don't be ridiculous,
samsung is pathetic , they aint giving any value for money products, brand name won't give any benefit over a inferior chipset and poor perfomance.
yep peoples are going for their products only because super amoled.