vivo S9 5G and S9e 5G announced with familiar design and upgraded internals

03 March 2021
They look exactly like their predecessor but now support 5G.

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  • sq2013

God I'm so bored with the phone market. It's just a procession of pretty much identical phones with a slight change in name and a few minor changes in technical specifications. I can't remember the last time I was really excited by a phone launch. I think that it was the Pocophone F1. Flagship CPU and GPU in a midrange build. Flagship performance for 260-280 euros. It was different, clever and new. Now, it's really just processional. I know it's limited how much innovation you can bring to a mobile phone but I feel like it's plateaued. This is just the same as literally hundreds of phones out there.

  • Anonymous

the x60 looks like a much better deal from the same maker.
I don't really get that phone. Where is it better than the similarly priced x60? It's worse in a lot of aspects lime SoC and cameras.

  • Anonymous

nkwama, 03 Mar 2021Why phones are very expensive nowadays, even with weak spec... moreit's vivo. They don't really have competitive pricing anyway

At least it's not huge...

hmm flat frame, love it

  • AnonD-964130

Scrap that dual front camera and give pop up or punch hole atleast instead of this redundant wide notch in middle

nkwama, 03 Mar 2021Why phones are very expensive nowadays, even with weak spec... moreK40 series is laughing at this

Why phones are very expensive nowadays, even with weak specifications?

More terrible midrange phones with no headphone jack or micro SD

So the superior model had a damn NOTCH for what exactly ? A crappy UW instead of the good 40MP+. You are gonna star at it everythime you'll look the phone so yeah ...

And worst of it : 500$ phone and yet a dumb 2 MP Macro cam. These are crap, 5MP should be BARE minimum in any phone to be useful. So, on a 500 USD phone ... Well ... Good try Vivo !

  • Anonymous

2018 design 🤦

  • Woohoo

Y that wide notch tho?

Thats both more expensive than the K40 Pro, I think