Realme GT unveiled: Snapdragon 888 and 120Hz AMOLED screen for just $430

04 March 2021
The most surprising feature is the return of the 3.5mm audio jack.

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  • Rudy

Those are some of the best specs I've seen for the price
Wonder where they cut corners?
How is realme's ui in comparision to oneui and oxygenos?

Atleast hybrid micro sd card slot and will free to download any apps from google play in the future ! If not better buy s20fe 5g

Dear GSMArena staff,

I'm sure you're being sarcastic when you said, "Since the Realme GT has a flagship-tier chipset, it has EIS and can easily record 4K/60fps videos, while slow-mo support goes back to 720p/480 fps.

Because my 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 855 enabled G8x can do a genuine 4K60 with some sort of stabilisation, electronic or optical I don't know, plus high quality 1080p/240fps with audio recording as well..
Yes, you read right. Slow motion video with full quality audio.

What's up with Realme? Is this the best they can do here?
Options like 4K90 if not 120 fps, and 1080p480 must be touched now, its high time.

  • Anonymous

I wonder if the Realme GT camera capability were the same as the Realme number series (Realme 8 series)

  • Anonymous

hey!! what a total coincidence, they didnt put their tagline on the back of the phone! these tech folks around here in gsmarena and all those "tech expert" commenters thats commenting only on flagship phones will appreciate this thing!

Interesting - With those specs and that price, this phone seems the Real (no pun intended) successor to the Pocofone F1. Obviously let's see what global pricing will be like.

  • Shahar

The camera spec is a bit disappointing, but other than that it is a good device

  • Anonymous

S21 killer

Come on, we all know this phone is gonna cost at
least 600 bucks when it's finally (if ever) imported.

Roughly converted CNY to Dollar prices are worthless, so please stop spreading nonsense.

What a disappointment. I thought this phone would have 5Ah battery and 125W charging. Go to see, it's just 4.5Ah and 65W charging. Maybe they will introduce the 125w next year!

  • Anonymous

Wes, 04 Mar 2021Wow, disappointing that some leaked specs were wrong. No 6.... moreCan you mention similar price in numbers? 🤪

  • Anonymous

that 3.5mm jack audio gonna be deal maker for some people

  • Anonymous

This is like realme x2 pro with upgraded soc LoL

  • ronn89

wow.the pricing looks amazing,but its a wait n watch game for us in india now. camera setup sound disappointing for now.i would still wait for the realme x9 pro with the dimensity 1200.

  • MasEnha

I will buy this phone if its really arriving here with that price point. In fact that price is virtually impossible outside China (or probably India), on here it will be bump to $600++.

  • Anonymous

Tech pro, 04 Mar 2021Wheres the telephoto lensnot available...

JayCube26, 04 Mar 2021You forgot one thing - the K40 is huge! If you want normal-... moreYeah lol i totally forgot that. I don't mind phone sizes. I am fine with Iphone 12 mini, Iphone 12, Note 20 Ultra size. As long as they are worth it

React 2 Gadgets YT, 04 Mar 2021But K40 easily wins though. Price is $120 less, it uses an ... moreYou forgot one thing - the K40 is huge! If you want normal-sized phone, you have to got to Realme :-)

Wes, 04 Mar 2021Wow, disappointing that some leaked specs were wrong. No 6.... moreHaha, I want to see S20 FE 5G for 360€...

This might be random but why not make two version, one that has 3.5mm and sd card slot but higher price and another version doesn't have those two components at a lower price.