Redmi Note 10, 10 Pro and 10 Pro Max debut in India

04 March 2021
The first Redmi Notes with AMOLED displays are here.

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  • India

I bought redmi note 10 pro max for camera use but i am very disappointed. photos are look pinkish and yellowish tone. videos are bad, picture of waterfall is very bad. only portraits are average with pink face with lots of details. lots of boosted color, nothing is natural. dont bye wastage of money.

  • EmEm

$165 for a amoled screen, decent camera setup and 33 watt fast charging is just 🔥 😱

  • Anonymous

54c5 to know

  • Anonymous

what task you do requires speeds over 150 mbit/s?
Are you a industry leading live streamer?

  • No 5G bye bye

Simply no 5G - no buy

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2021A no no for without 5G not one for meXiaomi/RN10 doesn't need you either!

  • Anonymous

A no no for without 5G not one for me

wow.. that's a killer line up for killer price.. totally killed it..heee

  • Anonymous

Diamon, 04 Mar 2021SAMSUNG killer has arrived.I don't think so.

  • Anonymous

Gary paul, 04 Mar 2021iphones are trash. That's why they are best selling smartphones and are also breaking records.

AnonD-131754, 04 Mar 2021But there's a catch in that! I tried Mi 10i 5G for a ... moreThat 108MP module in this phone is definitely a gimmick. Low light photos are not good. I have seen photos from Mi 10i and the review for RN10 pro max also claims same. Gcam doesn't help much. The lack of stabilization works against having such a large sensor. RN9 pro max has a better main module than this.
The 64MP module on RN10pro is also smaller than 64MP module from RN9 pro max. The sensor size is almost same as the 48MP module on RN10.

AKased, 04 Mar 20215g Chipsets has battery draining issues. Yes SD 750g or 765... moreNone of the 5g chipsets have battery draining issue.
Only A14 with external 5g modem has battery drain issues.
Rest of the SOCs have inbuilt modem and do not have battery drain issues.

  • Sangi

We were waiting for the phone.... Now it is a big disappointment that there is no 5G. So no future ready.... You can say no near future ready. Cirtainly will not buy

  • mr hernans

everything about redmi note 10 is fine, except the GPU(Adreno 612) is very weak

IpsDisplay, 04 Mar 2021People talking about 5g isn't available do you people ... more5g Chipsets has battery draining issues. Yes SD 750g or 765g are better but they also cost higher. Tell me in how many regions of south east asia have 5g? Do we even have stable 4g? what are you even going to do with a 5g phone download movies on roadside? 4g is perfectly fine as of now.

from the looks of it, 10 pro (Indian), better than the 10S
Amoled 120Hz vs Amoled 60Hz
SD 732G vs G95
for $ 220 vs $ 229
It has almost all the features of the Pro (global) and Pro Max (India), the only difference is the main trigger but the price deference is quite large $ 265 vs $ 220 for Pro (Indian)

IpsDisplay, 04 Mar 20215g chipsets come with stronger processing power overall ... moreAnd how is SD 732G and all the other specs bad at this price? Just take some chill pill and wait for Global K40/F3. You'd get SD 870 in that package. What is it with all these cries, really? Which other OEM offer better at this price point?

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 04 Mar 2021This is a bad deal In my opinion AMOLED is like snake oil ... moreDo you have any other job than promoting LCD.
Are you an own of some lcd producing company not getting enough orders?

  • Anonymous

This phone is a death sentence for M & F series

  • Anonymous

Aman69, 04 Mar 2021Processor is a bit on the low side. Should have given a mo... moreWhat you gonna say about a32, a52, a72.
Have some shame.
Samsung is yet to provide stereo speakers and hdr10+ , 120hz in this price