Samsung Galaxy A72 4G is getting the Snapdragon 720G chipset, Google Play Console confirms

04 March 2021
There will be a 5G version of the A72 as well. We should see both go live later this month.

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Redmi note max eating A72

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NewBrick, 04 Mar 2021Another brick of 6.7”.Every time technology advances in pho... moreWhen back in the day big bezels on phones made the phone large the argument was that people want bigger screens and less bezel. We only got less bezel while screens went so large that they made phones already in tablet size. Why cant they make something as minimum bezel as possible on at most 5.5 inch as the largest screen phones that will stay under 140mm tall. There are lots of people who want smaller phone but with decent specs like from Helio G80 or Dimensity 700. Or from SD something 675 to 732 with single camera in the rear that does decent quality pictures or at most dual cameras and to have something 90hz screen and larger batter the phone can be thicker like 9mm too and nobody would not care for it to be so thik

  • Anonymous

SD 732G is nothing better than 720G. However bezels look thicker than a rugged phone!

I was ready to pay a premium for 3 years update and IP67 rating but what they are asking is just insane. A32 costs 21K in India. A52 will come at around 25K. What a freaking joke.

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Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021ehhh but still, samsung keeps releasing outdated and overpr... moreYou already get flagship specs phones for under 300 euro even tough not everything is flagship grade on them like cameras as the main feature on the phones today. But you get flagship chips in them at least. But the cameras probably are at same quality of the A72 have on these phones like Redmi K40 or even Note 10 series while the note 10 pro and pro max is the phones to compare this A72 with

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Abdul Ahad shk, 04 Mar 2021why the hell Samsung phones are so attractive and beautifulReally? :D

  • NewBrick

Another brick of 6.7”.Every time technology advances in phones, instead of making them smaller, they make them bigger. A tablet in your hands. Soon a 40" TV in your pocket.

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[deleted post]Samsung A series isn't specifically only for India market. Whats with you and the comments you make about India in everywhere ? It's like only India is a country on our planet where you get new phones. I live North-East-Europe and i have 5G tower close to my home. Never mind that i dont much care for the 5G but still it's weird to see people write about it and then talk a single country like they have a good point to make

  • Leonidas

After seeing the global launch of Redmi Note 10 series, this looks like a complete joke. The 90Hz on 4G or 120Hz on 5G seems impressive before but after Redmi Note 10 Pro launch with all that 120Hz AMOLED, 108MP, and 732G it's just too good. This phone will be DoA on android fanbase that actually care about the specs and will put up with MIUI.

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Abdul Ahad shk, 04 Mar 2021why the hell Samsung phones are so attractive and beautifulIt looks like literally every other phones out there lmao

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Poor SoC for that price.

Lol 39.4k in indian rupee

why the hell Samsung phones are so attractive and beautiful

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DroidBoye, 04 Mar 2021Ahhh... Yes the 720G is now old enough for Samsung to equip... moreHahaha. 720G is the new Exynos 9611 for Samsung. In 2021 and 2022.
Samsung in low-end and mid-range category are not very appealing, however you want to look at it. And yes, in those 2 categories is more about specs than other things. Because the competition is more close and companies should come up with better offers. Samsung sadly doesn't.

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React 2 Gadgets YT, 04 Mar 2021732G would have been refreshing, but 720G.. Sigh... Even 732G would have been too little for 450EUR. Xiaomi is offering that chipset in their 200EUR models.

Is Samsung watching the redmi note 10 series launch?... 450, what a joke

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Lol, with 450EUR you can get in my country the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro.
Around 400EUR will cost the regular Mi 10T. And with 350EUR you can get the Poco F2 Pro.
As low as 300EUR you can even get a Realme X3 Super Zoom, that's a SD855+ chipset.
I really don't understand why people will buy this A72, starting from 450EUR. I mean just for the Oled display and the promise from Samsung of 3 years updates. Not worth it.

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[deleted post]ehhh but still, samsung keeps releasing outdated and overpriced bricks for around the same price as older flagships.

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TECH--BEAST, 04 Mar 2021with sd 720g?? pathetic~Yeah they should have gone for exynos 1080. Snapdragon 7xx series are very slow and each model have a slight difference Making the whole lineup confusing.

Even budget exynos 880 has same performance as sd720g but with 5g. Until now no Snapdragon 7xx chipset eas unable to a year old exynos 980

DroidBoye, 04 Mar 2021Ahhh... Yes the 720G is now old enough for Samsung to equip... morePrice should be under 25K and 4CA support, otherwise it holds no value in India market.