OnePlus 9 series launch confirmed for March 23, partnership with Hasselblad announced

08 March 2021
Hasselblad is on board for a long-term partnership that aims to up the OnePlus camera experience.

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Take a rest man...who cares who is chinese or americans or swedish...if you have money people respect you... If they put money to make brand they will have a brand...

  • OneHyperPlus

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2021OnePlus needs to deliver and avoid all the marketing gimmic... moreYes. The problem with OnePlus is that they have no shame and seek fame in slogans of the Californian Apple Iphone and Google Pixel. But they are Chinese, wanting to think like Americans. Thinking that in good slogans they create great hyper. They are just smoke sellers. Already when you buy one of their phones you can know by their big red boxes, that they only want to impress, and their written letters signed by the owner, as if it were a black label product, "a signature product"

  • Anonymous

OnePlus needs to deliver and avoid all the marketing gimmick.Especially with the camera, they have fooled themselves and everyone with what they didi with Nord. Hope they have learnt thier lesson

  • lol

just a thought... still gonna be overpriced crep. I'll stick with Pixels for good low light shots.

  • NOreally

If I am not misinformed, Leica, Zeiss and Hasselblad, only give a treatment to the lenses, like a physic filter, but they are not specific lenses for them on the phones. So, it is not quite true that they use those lenses entirely with that technology. For example Sony Xperia with their Zeiss and Huawei with Leica, and Vivo with Zeiss. A good way for people to buy the phone thinking that it has Hasselblad optics, which are the best cameras at the moment: BIG HYPER. Big lie?

the higher segmenet x3 pro is on 12th march. it makes sense :) more expensive and better option from oneplus 9 pro. Normally, they shall show the best first.

I were tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast offered bright transparent concept.
Du home packages

  • Neil Armstrong

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2021hasselblad is now owned by Chinese company DJIQuote, "hasselblad is now owned by Chinese company DJI"

Correct. But how many people actually know this ?

Hasselblad, the iconic Swedish camera company, is now owned by the Chinese drone maker DJI who acquired a majority stake in early January 2017.

DJI is the acronym for for Da-Jiang Innovations, meaning Great Frontier Innovations.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2021- OP8Pro was literally beaten by S20 Ultra in a speed test ... moreI dunno man, I tested both in store and the OP8 was just on another level of speed in something I would define as real use; frequent switching between apps, photos, sharing content, editing content. The camera though is pathetic compared to s20 ultra, no doubt about it. But the OP was much cheaper at the time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2021best OS with snapiest android experience on the market Son... more- OP8Pro was literally beaten by S20 Ultra in a speed test by phonebuff last year, and OOS 11 is just half OneUI lol
- OnePlus..good cameras??? bagahahahha
- every phone has HRR OLED now and for now only Samsung and the Find X3 (i think) have LTPO
- more phones with popups now (Poco F2)

those last 2 points are literally what I said, the OP 7 Pro / 7T Pro was the last good oneplus

  • Anonymous

Maybe this partnership is about implementing software photography, signal processing.
Is not enough to have the greatest hardware to get the best photos and videos. Apple and Google are the best examples here in this regard. They need a very good image processing also, and I think that is where Hasselblad will get them further.

Hope they will succeed for a better competition

  • beep bop boop

flagshipper, 08 Mar 2021OnePlus 9 Pro McLaren Dxomark 145 512GB ROM 16GB RAM 10... moredude they ended their partnerships with McLaren like 3 years ago sadly

  • vrer

Dometalican, 08 Mar 2021*sees a new partnership with a camera company* *Remember... moreYou know these phones are not for you and me. They are designed for total control over the population.

I want this with Sony IMX camera and with 16gb Ram 512gb storage. ™️®️©️

  • James

flagshipper, 08 Mar 2021OnePlus 9 Pro McLaren Dxomark 145 512GB ROM 16GB RAM 10... moreThere was no McLaren version this year so there probably won't be another while they're paying for the hassleblad logo. Hope the camera has a black glass cover over it coz the one we saw on the prototype looked ugly and cheap

  • James

Wonder who forwarded their email to GSM arena

flagshipper, 08 Mar 2021OnePlus 9 Pro McLaren Dxomark 145 512GB ROM 16GB RAM 10... moreit won't have 75% of those things and will still cost around 2000$


flagshipper, 08 Mar 2021OnePlus 9 Pro McLaren Dxomark 145 512GB ROM 16GB RAM 10... moreThat's nice dream 😂😂😂

flagshipper, 08 Mar 2021OnePlus 9 Pro McLaren Dxomark 145 512GB ROM 16GB RAM 10... moreYou forgot sapphire glass front and back
Stainless steel 916L, the ultra premium.
20gb Ram
Dual 5g standby, with 2 millimetre waves.
CarlZeiss optics with Xneon flash.
S888+ SOC, with 1100mhz GPU
2MB L2 cache

  • Moon

Very creative video, it is understood that you will have natural light in any dark condition, or so it is thought. In the end what do they sell, moonlight or a phone? Because I only see 97% of it a moon moving on the ground and an fast apparition of the phone without revealing anything else. It's better for them to dedicate themselves to making sci-fi films, which they are better at. HYPER.