Motorola Moto G10 Power debuts in India with 6,000 mAh battery, Moto G30 tags along

09 March 2021
Both phones will go on sale in India next week through Flipkart.

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  • Anonymous

What is changing time(0-100%) of moto g10 power?

  • Prashant

My experience with moto has been disappointing both with the product and the shabby customer support process, never going to buy moto again

  • Alex99y

TechV, 09 Mar 2021Haha!! 720p HD LCD display. Any reason to buy this when the... moreThat screen does not consume much battery

Motorola has killed the best model, Z series, one of a kind device

  • Frustration

G10 is has super slow sensors: fingerprints and front face recognition, whereas G30 performs well. sAMOLED display was expected in this price range.
And when will they change their default wallpaper?

  • TechV

Haha!! 720p HD LCD display. Any reason to buy this when there is another contender with AMOLED screen available at this price point???

  • Anonymous

HD+ Display = no thank you

  • Anonymous

motoLover, 09 Mar 2021Not worth to buy moto. won't get the software update.... moreWait till you hear Ambani buying for-sale Blackberry (RIM)

  • Anonymous

Seriously 720p...for 10k+ price? These younger generation throw money at anything...

  • Anonymous

4gb? I have a 3gb 4yr old phone purchased for 7500rs...think of trash

  • mkk

kpl, 09 Mar 2021Waiting for Moto Edge S to launch in IndiaMoto edge or motoG40

  • Motu

Moto phone don't last long they use cheap fragile parts. Their durability is questionable that's y i m no longer buy any moto phones. Never.

  • Anonymous

No phone is made over we shouldnt buy - any? ;)

  • motoLover

Not worth to buy moto.
won't get the software update.
No security patch update.
worst build, etc....

Waiting for Moto Edge S to launch in India

Decent options in this price bracket. Vanilla experience with A11..!!
Hope this could do better business for Moto in India.